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My Turn! (Issue #031)

Well, well, well patriots. March sure was an interesting month! We at OSI:DI have been delighted to see many confirmations of our narrative spill out into the light of day these last two weeks. Indeed, there is more reason than ever for patriotic Americans to be hopeful. The rule of law is returning to the United States in the most dramatic way imaginable. The Great Awakening has reached escape velocity! Where shall we begin? How about the Mueller investigation?

The Mockingbird Media has had to eat crow; their hypocrisy was on full display before the nation these past weeks. Mueller has delivered his report and it confirms what we knew, Donald J. Trump did not collude with the Russian government. It was not the Trump supporters who were pushing conspiracy theories, it was the ‘mainstream, credible’ corporate media giants who pushed the conspiracies.

Many on both sides of the aisle were convinced that the Mueller investigation had a real chance at leading to the impeachment of President Trump. Readers of this newsletter however, knew much better. Our readers knew about the corruption of the Media, the surveillance and coup attempt against President Trump, and the complicity of those in government. Our readers knew that the deep-state’s collapse was only a matter of time given the inevitability of the Great Awakening:

What is Open Source Intelligence? What is the Disclosure Initiative? The purpose of this newsletter might best be summarized as facilitating what some are calling the Great Awakening. Simply put, the Great Awakening is a series of accelerating mass-realizations by the citizenry of this country and people around the world…

On a more specific level, the Awakening is manifesting itself in the United States on many different fronts… The typical Democrat/Republican paradigm that was so effective at keeping the people pacified was dealt a massive blow by Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump…

The people were awake to the fact that the entire establishment was corrupt and revolutionary change was needed. The critical impact that grass-roots activists had on the 2016 election served as validation for many: anonymous individuals spending hours researching and disseminating information on the internet were changing the course of history. The people were awake to the idea that most media was not news, but propaganda. The Great Awakening had become unstoppable. -OSI:DI Issue #009, February 1, 2018

Not bad, but OSI:DI crystalized these ideas just a few months later:

Surely you see it now America! The Great Awakening is arriving at an ever-accelerating pace and the Deep- State and their allies in the Mockingbird Media are powerless to stop it… Many have been tricked by the mass media into believing that Trump’s presidency hangs in the balance, teetering between impeachment and a massive blunder leading to nuclear war. To an extent this was true, but not due to incompetence on Trump’s part. Rather, a corrupt, entrenched establishment has been plotting his removal since before the election…

But as the public awakens from their Mockingbird hangovers, the truth is slowly beginning to dawn on our beleaguered nation: Although the media has attempted to associate Trump’s victory with Russian collusion, it is now dawning on many that the Clinton Syndicate has far more damning ties to Russia than Trump’s one visit to Moscow and General Flynn’s completely legal and appropriate meeting with Russian Ambassador [Kislyak]

The public is recognizing the mass media for what it is: a propaganda dissemination machine dedicated to removing Trump from office by manufacturing outrage and suppressing good news. Our institutions have been deeply compromised on many fronts. The FBI, DOJ, CIA, and State Department employ many individuals guilty of treason, conspiracy, fraud, obstruction, destruction of evidence, sex crimes, and homicide

This is just a small sample of the hard realities America is waking up to. If you have been reading this newsletter then congratulations! You are mentally prepared for the upcoming flood of disclosures. But just imagine the poor individuals who have yet to tap into the Great Awakening: they will have to process a lot in a short amount of time. It will be a difficult period for many. - OSI:DI Issue #015, April, 2018

As always, dear reader, we wish to keep you Ahead of the Headlines. Here is another event correctly called by OSI:DI months ahead of the media:

The oil-rich areas of Syria near the Golan Heights were intended to go to Israel after the partition. As predicted by this narrative, when U.S. forces leave, Israel and Saudi Arabia will no longer be able to use American soldiers to attain their geo-political aims. Thus, Israel will have to more directly intervene – OSI:DI Issue #027 January 22, 2019

[Trump continuing to be the most pro-peace president in the last 50 years by ‘untangling the Syrian Knot’ (eliminating the Casus Belli for the Syrian conflict)]

Events are going to be unfolding at an ever more rapid pace from here on out, patriots. The entire purpose of the Disclosure Initiative is to prepare citizens like you for the upcoming events. When these news stories break into the public, there is going to be confusion, despair, anger… perhaps even panic. America needs good individuals who are calm and well-informed to help fellow citizens comprehend and cope with what is coming. This is not the time for victory laps and I-told-you-so’s. This will be a time for all Americans to work together to keep our remarkable country on the path toward good.

We will leave you with a collection of the latest rumors circulating through the intelligence grapevine:

  • “Jussie Smollet’s fabricated-hate-crime is not just a clickbait story. Someone powerful pulled AG Kim Foxx’s strings in Chicago. Most likely culprit is in Kamala Harris’ orbit. Harris was attempting to pass an anti-lynching bill in the Senate to pad her resume before her 2020 Presidential run. She is currently the favored candidate amongst the ‘puppet-masters.’ Feds have pulled this case to the surprise of some, which has caused Foxx to backtrack.”

  • “Michael Avenatti arrested and co-conspirator/CNN contributor Mark Geragos was named in the indictment. Some of their most notorious clients? Jussie Smollett and NXIVM member/Canada’s richest heiress Clare Bronfman. Those who are most corrupt also seem to be best at networking” [Confirmed by the New York Post (Clare Bronfman Faints… - NY Post, March 27, 2019) – OSI:DI]

  • “NXIVM cult leader Keith Raniere now charged with making and distributing child pornography via superseding indictment. Raniere’s network is large, and this new public disclosure is rattling a lot of cages. However, the public is missing the real “Nexus” in the child-trade: Rachel Chandler. Too soon for public disclosure or momentum on the Chandler story, but “White-hats” should familiarize themselves with her network.”

  • “Lindsey Graham was J.A.G. in the Airforce – good work experience now that he sits at the helm of the Senate Judiciary Committee. Who will be the first to be indicted? Graham would know.”

  • “It has been obvious for some time that the first flashpoint for operations against bad actors in USGOV is the declassification of everything adjacent to the fraudulent FISA application that launched the armada against Trump in 2017. From there, the public can be led through the timeline toward bigger fish.”

  • “Trump and Press Secretary Sanders both inserting the word ‘treason’ into their statements about the Russia Investigation when referring to the coup-plotters. It is crystal clear to all involved that now that the overthrow of President Trump has failed, it is every man for himself.”

  • “Former MI6 operative Christopher Steele extradited to the United States? If leaked, this would cause many in D.C. to lose sleep.”

  • “House Intelligence Committee Chair Schiff being taken to task by Republicans on the committee. Objective: to force resignation. Not just from the committee, but from congress entirely.”

  • “Media walking on eggshells and doing acrobatics about former Vice President Biden. Kavanaugh is guilty of rape because of hear-say, but Biden caught on tape fifty times is innocent? Yet another nail in the 2020 coffin for Democrats. Note also that media focuses on Biden’s interactions with women. Curiously absent is any reference to his behavior with children. Justice is coming!”

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