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The Reckoning (Issue #041)

On Monday night, the country watched as the Democratic caucuses in Iowa were either badly mismanaged or outright stolen by Shadow, Inc. on behalf of Pete Buttigieg (What to know about Shadow inc. – ABC News, February 4, 2020.) On Tuesday evening, Trump delivered quite possibly the most powerful State of the Union address in living memory as the Democrats pouted and sulked. On Wednesday, Donald Trump was acquitted of the charges against him (which did not even include allegations of a crime.) Ladies and gentlemen; the Democratic Party just committed suicide.

Our intelligence agencies, our establishment politicians, and our media have turned American governance into a farce. Foreign governments have bought and blackmailed many of our politicians, and our policies have been controlled by just about every entity other than the citizens of the United States. Global banks, radical academics, supranational non-profit organizations, and foreign intelligence agencies have ensnared our country and stolen our sovereignty.

Enter Donald Trump. While the globalist politicians and the Mockingbird Media would have you believe that Trump is an existential threat to the “country,” to “democracy,” to the “constitution,” to our “way of life,” to our “values,” what they really mean to say is Donald Trump is an existential threat to our hold on power. The ascendance of President Trump and his cry of “Fake news!” has begun the process of revealing to the American people just how corrupt the system has become. We are here to assist in this Disclosure Initiative.

For years now, this newsletter has outlined what we believed to be the future course of events in the United States. Concisely, our thesis is basically that President Trump, with the aid of patriotic individuals in military intelligence, is draining the swamp. To Trump’s opponents, this sounds preposterous. “Trump is draining the swamp? Trump is the swamp,” they say. “He won’t release his taxes, he did x, y, and z back in the 80’s, and look at this picture of him and Jeffrey Epstein!”

However, for those of us with a higher-resolution view of the current situation, we understand the flaws in these arguments. Importantly, the widely held views on the anti-Trump side of the political spectrum are created and pushed by the media. There is a psychological tendency inherent in humans to place more trust in people who look like they know what they are talking about. For example, the sharply-dressed Andersen Cooper in his professional studio can say the Trump Campaign was not wiretapped, that Mueller will find him guilty, and that he will get us into a war with North Korea and be wrong on all three counts, and yet the anti-Trump types will still treat him as credible.

Conversely, a t-shirt wearing conspiracy theorist on Youtube can say “Obama administration officials authorized surveillance on the Trump campaign, the Mueller investigation will yield nothing, and Trump will successfully thwart the CIA’s attempts at escalation with North Korea,” be proven completely accurate, and still be dismissed as not credible. This dichotomy (bias toward perceived authority) has been recognized by intelligence agencies since the 1940’s, and control over information, media, and signals intelligence has been recognized as the most important function of intelligence agencies. The return on investment for psychological operations is absolutely incredible.

For instance, despite years of searching, millions of dollars, and multiple investigations, there has been zero evidence that the Trump campaign worked with Russia in any way, shape or form. Yet, there are a good portion of Americans who still believe that this is true. The most insidious aspect of this kind of psychological “repeat-the-lie-until-its-true” operation is that the events are now far enough in the past that nobody can really quite recall how it all went down. There is enough ambiguity in our memories to leave us open to suggestion at all times. That’s why intelligence agencies must retain control over the media. And that is why President Trump must keep calling them out as “Fake news!”

In fact, it is incorrect to call many of these entities “news” at all. More accurate would be Narrative Managers, or Narrative Management Firms. We at OSI:DI prefer to call them simply Mockingbird Media [See Issue #005 for more on Operation Mockingbird – OSI:DI.] What we witnessed this past week was the complete collapse of the establishment narrative. Before, Trump was an unhinged racist maniac who conspired with Putin to steal the election and was going to collapse the economy and start World War 3 while gassing migrants in concentration camps at the border.

But now, things seem quite different, don’t they? For those who watched the State of the Union speech, the President laid out the rationale behind and the results of extremely coherent, effective policies, both foreign and domestic. We were told he wouldn’t last, Mueller would take him down, if not then impeachment would do him in. There were mountains of evidence against him, mountains! But here we are, all investigations and attempts at removal failed, North Korean, Iran and Syria successfully de-escalated, the wall going up, the economy taking off, lowest minority unemployment ever. So, what comes next?

[ABC News guessing wrong on the nature of the rapidly expanding list of sealed federal indictments]

Now that the deep-state coup against Trump has failed, the anti-Trump forces in Washington D.C. are completely out of ammunition. But why exactly were they providing “covering fire?” Readers of this newsletter know the answer to this question. Trump won the Presidency, cleaned out the FBI, cleaned out the DOJ, cleaned out the State Department, installed 192 federal judges, survived the House investigations, the Mueller investigation, and the impeachment. His prosecutors are wrapping up their investigations into the origins of the Russia probe and into the Clinton foundation. Soon, patriots, the indictments will be unsealed.

[Jonathan Chait of NY Magazine coming close to the truth]

And just a word of warning, once the unsealing of the indictments begins, the Mockingbird Media will be waiting with their pre-conceived, managed narrative:

… Rest assured if we do end up having military tribunals for the criminal elite, the media will most certainly attempt to frame the trials as “Trump is a fascist jailing his opponents.” Just remember, it was the Clintons, McCains, and Bushes of the world who attempted to sabotage a legitimately elected president by rigging an election and fabricating evidence to justify a special investigation

– OSI:DI Issue #007, December 30, 2017

When the Mockingbird Media and their pre-programmed drones on social media begin to repeat that Barr and Durham are simply going after Trump’s enemies, it is important to realize that this is a misrepresentation. It’s not that Trump is going to arrest his enemies, it’s that these individuals have made themselves into Trump’s most vocal opponents because they knew he intended to drain the swamp and prosecute corruption. They initiated the Mueller investigation and the impeachment for the very same reasons. The impeachment trial prevented any indictments from going forward, on the grounds that it would appear like simple retribution against Trump’s political opponents. But now that he has been acquitted, the last remaining obstacle to the prosecutions has been removed:

“There was an attempted overthrow of the government of the United States…When I fired James Comey, all hell broke loose. They were all ratting on each other, running for the hills. Let’s see what happens. Let’s see what happens. It’s in the hands of some very talented people…” [pointing to AG William Barr]

-President Trump at the White House, Febraury 6, 2020

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