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Red October (Issue #043)

Here we stand, at the crossroads of American history. Less than a month until the 2020 Presidential Election, and predictions range from voter fraud to civil war and everything in between. Readers of this newsletter will remember one of our premises is that this country has been engaged in a covert civil war for many years. This is lost on the general public because we typically conceptualize war as a struggle over territory fought with guns, bombs, and tanks. However, in the 21st century, the infrastructure is too valuable to destroy with bombs. Each side instead seeks to control the assets and departments and institutions and companies of the country.

So what we see during this second American civil war is not troops marching toward the frontlines. Instead we see legal battles, forced resignations, media hit-pieces, investigations, counter-investigations, online censorship, cyber-attacks, organized riots, intelligence leaks, sabotage, and election fraud. The fighting during this civil war will remain under-the-surface until one side is near defeat, at which point the incentive to preserve the infrastructure is gone. When that happens, all bets are off. Already we see mounting evidence of planned riots if Trump wins. It seems that in 2020 we are not having an election; we are having a power struggle.

To be clear, if only eligible voters voted, and the votes were tallied accurately, Trump wins in a historic landslide. The polls that say otherwise suffer from the same flaws as they did in 2016; they are designed to present a narrative, rather than to collect data. It is a fairly easy trick to pull as well. Just sample 55% women, or 55% of people under the age of thirty, or make sure the respondents are all in Manhattan instead of upstate New York. This writer finds it humorous that the pundits (the ones who aren’t clued in to the polling scam) end up believing the polls that come out of their own organizations. This “propagandists fall for their own propaganda” angle resulted in some very surprised faces in November of 2016.

The actual data (the data gathered by the campaigns and their allied intelligence agencies/tech companies) paint the real picture. Believe us, there is no reason to even conduct a poll when you can simply analyze Google’s or the NSA’s database and come up with a much more accurate assessment of a much larger portion of the country, for much less money, in mere seconds. Yes, polls are for the peasants down here below the information blockade. But fear not, dear reader. OSI:DI, despite our hiatus, is smuggling in all the information we can on your behalf, and analyzing it to boot.

Internally, both the Trump campaign and the various factions controlling the remnants of the deep-state are fully aware that Biden is extremely unpopular, and that Trump is more popular than he has ever been, politically. The numbers point to a Trump landslide. And October is now looking worse and worse for the Deep State.

Several enormous developments occurred on different fronts in recent days. Firstly, a laptop that was essentially abandoned by Hunter Biden has made its way into the hands of the FBI (in 2019) and into the hands of Rudy Giuliani and the New York Post (recent weeks.) The FBI is still populated with swamp-creatures so it took a Post scoop to bring the contents of the laptop to the light of day. Among the contents were photographs of Hunter Biden in various compromising positions, including passed out with a drug pipe in his mouth:

[Hunter Biden, with drug pipe]

Also among the contents of the laptop were videos of Hunter engaging in sexual acts with prostitutes, several are alleged to be underaged. Former Vice President Biden is facing a damning wave of evidence emanating from the laptop as well. You see, Joe Biden swore that he did not know anything about his son’s corrupt dealings with Ukrainian energy company Burisma, and the related firing of a Ukrainian prosecutor for investigating said corrupt dealings. Turns out those were both lies. That was obvious enough, but to have the confirming evidence come straight from your son’s own emails is just poetic.

There is more than enough evidence on Hunter’s laptop alone to release a bombshell story every day from now until the end of the year. Predictably, the tech giants went into overdrive in an attempt to censor the story out of existence across social media platforms, but to no avail. They only succeeded in bringing more attention to the New York Post story and illustrating that the tech companies themselves are increasingly authoritarian in their thought policing.

Just days after this first bombshell, another huge story emerged from the laptop. Hunter Biden demanded millions of dollars from various Chinese billionaires to make introductions to senior US government officials. In addition to Hunter’s $3.5 million paycheck from the Mayor of Moscow’s wife means that the Biden clan is compromised by at least three separate countries (Ukraine, China, and Russia.) Combined with the evidence of Hunter’s sex crimes, things are not looking great for team Biden. No wonder the tech companies have set their censorship algorithms to “11.”

Another, more speculative, story is percolating underneath the surface of mainstream awareness. The story gained traction on the morning of Tuesday, October 13, when Donald Trump retweeted the following:

The saga involves a man by the name of Alan Howell Parrot who became an asset for the CIA. Mr. Parrot has recently become a whistleblower, releasing several audio and image files corroborating his claims. Mr. Parrot lived in the Middle East for 25 years, and is an expert falconer. Believe it or not, this made him very well connected amongst middle eastern royal families and business/political elites, as falconry is considered one of the most upper-class sporting activities in many middle-eastern cultures. Another avid falconer in the area also happens to be a former CIA asset: Osama Bin Laden.

We are sure our readers are aware, but the CIA (via its involvement in the infamous Safari Club) helped train and arm Osama Bin Laden in the 1980’s because at the time he was fighting the Soviets. What is currently accepted as fact is that Osama Bin Laden was killed by Seal Team Six in Abottabad, Pakistan in 2011, during an Obama-era operation. What Mr. Parrot alleges is that prior to that date, Bin Laden was not hiding out in caves in Afghanistan, but rather living a life of relative luxury under house arrest in northern Iran.

How could Mr. Parrot know this? Well, in addition to moving to Iran at age 18, he became what essentially amounts to the court falconer to the Shah of Iran (Feathered Cocaine: the Story of Money, Terrorism, and Falconry – The Huffington Post, December 12, 2013.) After decades in the Middle East, Alan Parrot became an asset for the CIA, funneling valuable information back to the homeland. One of these pieces of valuable information was the fact that Bin Laden was under house arrest in Iran, while his family lived at a government compound in Tehran.

[Alan Howell Parrot and Falcon]

This is where the story becomes a bombshell. Mr. Parrot made recorded phone calls to a sitting U.S. Congressman to pass along the information on to Washington D.C. At first he was ignored, then mocked, then threatened. He became suspicious through his conversation with Biden confidante Brian Ettinger that the D.C. intelligence establishment may have already been aware of Bin-Laden’s whereabouts.

Clare Lopez, a former CIA Officer, confirmed on video (link) that Osama Bin Laden was indeed living in a safe haven in Northern Iran. Robert Baer, perhaps the most famous CIA case officer of the last 30 years, also implicitly acknowledged the veracity of this claim. Parrot goes on to outline an agreement between the Obama administration and the Iranian government (mediated by John Kerry,) to transfer Bin Laden to a compound in Abottabad, Pakistan where he would be easy prey once then-President Obama orders the infamous Seal Team Six in for the kill. This is the foundational bartering chip of the “Iran Nuclear Deal.”

To keep the plot concise, Obama was duped, Seal Team Six killed a body double, and then the Iranian regime ate his lunch AGAIN, by demanding 150 billion dollars (1.5 billion in cash, delivered on pallets via military cargo plane out of Swiss airspace) to keep the information secret. It was, after all, close to re-election season. But that is not the end of the allegations. You see, other than the people directly involved in the deal, Seal Team Six were the only others who knew that Bin Laden had not been killed. They were the ones who took the body’s fingerprints and DNA, after all. Coincidentally, all members of Seal Team Six involved in the raid happened to die after their helicopter was shot down shortly after the raid.

Mr. Parrot goes on to imply that the helicopter was not a random terrorist shooting at an American aircraft. No, the truth may be much more sinister. He implies that the Seal Team Six helicopter (callsign EXTORTION17) was targeted for attack by the very same high-level U.S. officials who botched the Bin Laden deal. And the weapons used to down the helicopter? They came from Libya. An arms depot in Benghazi, in fact…

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