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Rumors of War (Issue #034)

“And you shall hear of wars and rumors of wars. See that ye be not troubled. For these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet…” The Book of Matthew, Chapter 24, Verse 6

We, the American public, are having a sort of Déjà vu. We are being prepared, subliminally, for a war with Iran, which the globalists in our government have portrayed as inevitable for more than a decade now. It is the same routine: constant negative news coverage of a country, a flimsy pretext, and then a US invasion. Something is different this time, however. The American public has developed a healthy disdain for the mainstream press, and an even healthier disgust with the corrupt bureaucrats peopling the smoky corridors of K-Street and Wall Street. They are selling another war, and America isn’t buying it.

When the news broke last week that a Japanese oil tanker exploded in the Gulf of Oman on June 13, the usual suspects were quick to blame Iran. They were just as quick to imply that immediate use of force was the only recourse. Of course, war is a serious business. It also happens to be big business for many politicians, intelligence agencies, and corporate financiers. If you are an American, and you truly support our troops, it is your constitutional duty to consider war an absolute last resort. The Mockingbird Media, conversely, is so used to beating the war-drums that they were left dumbfounded when Trump downplayed the attack (Exclusive: President Trump Calls Alleged Iranian Attack on Oil Tankers 'Very Minor' – Time Magazine, June 18, 2019.)

President Trump (unlike both of his predecessors) has done an excellent job of avoiding war. This writer considers this his greatest achievement to date. The achievement is even more amazing considering how conflicts in Syria, North Korean, Iran, and Venezuela were all poised to escalate when Trump took office. More amazing still is that a good portion of the U.S. Government controlled by the Deep-State has been waging a covert civil war aimed at removing Trump and his ‘Alliance’ of patriots from power since before he even took office. And yet the peace remains. For those of us who are informed, responsible, patriotic Americans, here is a short list of the questions compiled for OSI:DI that one might consider asking in light of the current situation:

  • Why have the most recent attacks in the gulf region targeted oil tankers and not military vessels?

  • Why was the Japanese tanker Kokura Courageous attacked while Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe was meeting with the Iranian regime? (Shinzo Abe’s mission to Iran ends in flames – Washington Post, June 14, 2019)

  • Was the June 14 piece in the Washington Post another “Company” op-ed/communique? [We strongly recommend reading the previous link in detail – OSI:DI]

  • Shinzo Abe was meeting the Iranian regime at the behest of President Trump and the Gulf Monarchies who were beginning to make diplomatic overtures to Iran. Was the attack a message from the Deep-State to all world leaders saying “if you attempt to stop our push for war in Iran, your oil supplies might meet a similar fate”?

  • Cui Bono? Who benefits from a regional war which would drag down Iran? Saudi Arabia? Not likely. The United States? Certainly not the Trump Administration. Israel? Well, Bibi Netanyahu is always calling for war with Iran, so why has his cabinet been instructed to keep their mouths shut this time? (Oman Attack: Why Israel Remains Mum as Accusations Against Iran Abound – Haaretz, June 16, 2019) • Are we seeing the globalists lose their hold on the peasantry? If this was 2003, they might have had 100,000 troops dying on the road to Tehran by now

  • Do we remember the Maine? How about the Gulf of Tonkin? What about “Weapons of Mass Destruction”? How many people actually thought that WMD was anything other than a buzz-phrase for the war-propaganda psychological operation run out of Langley and Tel Aviv?

  • How will the controlled press spin this story? One of the advantages of controlling the media is that you can make it a victory regardless of the outcome. If Trump retaliates against Iran, he is “reckless” and a “war-monger.” If he does nothing he is “weak” and “ineffective.” Therefore, the administrations only course of action is to blame Iran, posture, and then proceed as normal. But make no mistake; more attempts will be made to push Trump into war.

  • How is John Kerry doing these days? Do we all remember his violations of the Logan Act, negotiating with Iran on behalf of the American shadow government that was waiting in the wings for Trump’s removal?

  • What do we make of the U.K. and U.S. deployment of forces to the region? The fog-of-war is real. You are not going to know what their missions are, and if you did, the missions would be failures before they began. These U.S. and U.K. forces: are they hunting Iranian fast-boats? CIA-trained militias? Israeli drones?

"Peace is not absence of conflict, it is the ability to handle conflict by peaceful means."

"People do not make wars; governments do."

"We must realize that no arsenal, or no weapon in the arsenals of the world, is so formidable as the will and moral courage of free men and women… A people free to choose will always choose peace" -President Ronald Reagan

Rumors of war could easily be dispelled if we had a truthful, investigative media, but it is painfully obvious that we do not. Compounding this problem is the emergent, pervasive censorship campaign waged by our largest tech companies. Any individual who succeeds in gaining traction with an anti-official narrative is immediately banned, shadow-banned, de-monetized, de-platformed, or blacklisted. You want to go ahead and complain about it? Press your luck and you will get banned too! Narrative control is critical to both sides, and the Deep-State’s monopoly on the censorship business gives them a pronounced advantage on this front. But it now seems that this “front” in the Second American Civil War has broken into full view of the public:

[Drudge Report headline from early June, 2019]

Not a moment too soon! After years of turning a blind eye to big-tech’s flagrant abuse of censorship power, government subsidies, and individual privacy, it looks like the US Government is finally positioned to put real pressure on these rogue, quasi-intelligence agencies (Antitrust troubles snowball for tech giants as lawmakers join in – The New York Times, June 4, 2019.) Of course, readers of this newsletter could see this story coming well over a year in advance:

Part of the deep-state plan to secure a massive victory in the midterms was to rely on the ability of CIA-backed tech companies to censor and sway public opinion using sophisticated algorithms whose ability to manipulate human opinions increases every quarter. OSI:DI first began covering the Alliance counter-attack on big-tech in December of 2017 [See Issue #007OSI:DI.]… it looks like the Alliance offensive against big-tech is going according to plan. - OSI:DI Issue #013, March 31, 2018

Rest assured, had anyone other than Trump won the 2016 election, we would not be seeing any pressure whatsoever put on the tech giants. It is also likely that we would have never heard about a quaint “Executive Success Program” from upstate New York known as NXIVM. The NXIVM sex-cult saga has gotten stranger by the week. The trial of NXIVM’s founder (Keith Raniere) has ended in a well-deserved guilty verdict this week. OSI:DI has been covering NXIVM since March of 2018, and has been covering human-trafficking and blackmail generally since our very first issue:

“So what?” our dear readers might say, “it’s just one pervert whack-job in upstate New York, what does that have to do with anything?” Turns out that Mr. Raniere is not just any random pervert. His “followers” are also closely intertwined with… you guessed it… the Clintons! Some of Mr. Raniere’s victims/slaves sat on the board of the Clinton Global Initiative. But wait, there’s more! Mr. Raniere convinced/forced Seagram’s heiress Clare Bronfman to place a “keylogger” device on her father’s computer. Her father happens to be Edgar Bronfman, the richest man in Canada. This gave Raniere access to every e-mail Edgar Bronfman sent, including to Hillary Clinton and Senator Chuck Schumer. – OSI:DI Issue #013, March 31, 2018

OSI:DI aims to keep you, dear reader, Ahead of the Headlines. We like to occasionally point to our previous claims not in a boastful way, but to reassure our readers that our narrative is much more accurate, more predictive, than anything you can get in print or on television. Our goal is not to make money, our goal is simply to bring the most accurate information and analysis to our readers as we possibly can. With that being said, we pointed out 15 months ago that Chuck Schumer and other politicians were being targeted by NXIVM.

We anticipated a healthy amount of skepticism about such an outlandish claim. But we fast-forward to today, and we have gone from conspiracy theory to mainstream news once again:

[The New York Times reporting on what is just the beginning of the NXIVM fallout]

Isn’t that interesting! So just how deep does this rabbit hole go? How many people have participated in these horrific crimes or have been ensnared and compromised by these deranged cultists? It is good bet that there are dozens if not hundreds of high-profile politicians, entertainers, lawyers, and businessmen who are currently scrambling to avoid the fallout from this trial. For the time being, there are more rumors than facts about the contents of Keith Raniere’s trial transcripts. Here are some unanswered questions emerging from the trial:

  • What is former Arkansas Chief Justice Richard Mays exact role in the NXIVM organization, and how long has he been associated with Keith Raniere? (BUSTED: Clinton Arkansas Friend Richard Mays Exposed As Top NXIVM Cult Member – Big League Politics, June 17, 2019)

  • What are Keith Raniere’s confirmed ties to convicted child-trafficker (and Clinton associate) Jeffrey Epstein? [See Issues #001, #013, and #017 for more on Jeffrey Epstein – OSI:DI]

  • What have the investigators discovered about the “Rainbow Cultural Garden?” (NXIVM’s network of daycare centers)

  • What role did former NY Attorney General Eric Schneiderman play in covering up NXIVM’s activities?

  • New York Senator Kristen Gillibrand’s Father represented NXIVM as an attorney. What was his knowledge of the cult’s illegal activities, and what did Kristen Gillibrand know? (The Only (Alleged) Sex-Slave Cult Story You Need to Understand Kirsten Gillibrand’s Weakness as a 2020 Candidate - Slate, March 28, 2018)

  • What compromising material did Raniere gather on the Clinton’s and the Clinton Global initiative via the Bronfman sisters and other cult members?

  • The NXIVM trial involves a lot of powerful people who have been compromised by blackmail. And blackmailed politicians are the most valuable politicians, after all. So perhaps the most important question is: “are the revelations from Raniere’s trial so damning to so many powerful people, that the Deep-State would start a war with Iran to take the focus off of NXIVM?”

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