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The View from 40,000 Feet (Issue #027)

It has been two years since Donald Trump took office and this writer considers it safe to say this President has been one of the most transformative in American history. The general public would likely agree (but disagree as to whether this has been a positive or negative transformation.) However, the general public is in the dark about how much has actually changed for the better behind the smoke-and-mirrors deployed by the Mockingbird Media [See Issues #002, #007, and #018 for more on Operation Mockingbird – OSI:DI.]

Speaking of the Mockingbird Media, the propaganda apparatus controlled by specific puppet-masters in the CIA was dealt a number of blows this week. Most notably, the internet media company BuzzFeed’s remaining credibility (if there was any) was thrown into the abyss. BuzzFeed published a story stating that they had an ironclad (and of course, anonymous) source claiming that Trump’s former lawyer Michael Cohen told the Special Counsel that Trump had instructed Cohen to perjure himself. The media pile-on was immediate and overwhelming, with MSNBC and CNN mentioning that this was grounds for impeachment more than 200 times in 24 hours (CNN, MSNBC mentioned Trump impeachment nearly 200 times Friday before BuzzFeed report was discredited – Fox News, January 21, 2019)

Deep-state puppets in congress (like Representatives Adam Schiff and Ted Lieu) also repeatedly cited the Buzzfeed article as grounds for impeachment (Democrats heighten calls for Trump's impeachment after bombshell report that says he instructed Cohen to lie to Congress – Business Insider, January 18, 2019) The uproar was so severe that the Special Counsel (who had thus far never commented on media coverage of his investigation) had to make a public statement dismissing the BuzzFeed article as false. But even after the article was discredited, Adam Schiff (who has a number of skeletons he is trying to keep hidden in his closet) still stuck with his commitment to start a new string of investigations based on this fabricated article.

An OSI:DI note on tradecraft: when we reference CIA or intelligence agency control over the media, some clarification may be needed. Journalists do not have to be employed by an intelligence agency in order to be controlled by an intelligence agency. In fact, journalists might not even be aware that they are being manipulated by an intelligence agency. Take for instance, the Steele Dossier. A fabricated kompromat story about Trump and some Russian hookers was put into an authentic looking report by Christopher Steele (A former MI6 agent-turned private intelligence executive.) This report was then leaked to a reporter at (can you guess?) BuzzFeed.

Now, some impressionable young journalist at BuzzFeed probably thought they had hit a home-run: “A spy just gave me a really official looking report that says a bunch of other spies discovered all this dirt on Trump!” [The Soviet Spymasters in the KGB used to call idealists like the naive journalists at BuzzFeed “useful idiots” – OSI:DI.] The leaked report was soon published by the less-than-credible BuzzFeed, which allowed the other ‘credible’ media companies that are more directly controlled by the intelligence agencies to report on the story without sacrificing their perceived credibility.

This meant Deep-state CNN was able to claim that they were only reporting on the reporting of the dossier, not the veracity of the dossier. The intelligence agencies know of course that this distinction is irrelevant. The goal was always to create a circus atmosphere in order to generate an artificial consensus which would make the public more supportive of launching a Special Counsel investigation.

Now do you understand why President Trump continuously rails against the “Fake News Media?” When Trump says the Fake News Media is the “enemy of the people,” those who are well-versed in clandestine current events understand that he means “Some rogue, treacherous bastards over at the CIA and in MI6 are attempting to remove me at all costs in order to maintain their control over the American People, and they have co-opted, extorted, and bribed many in the media to achieve this goal!”

And speaking of the Special Counsel’s investigation, who is Robert Mueller working for now? Is he working to save himself from being indicted for his role in the Uranium One scheme? (The Uranium One Treason – The Daily Caller, December 20, 2017) This would have seemed very unlikely fifteen months ago, but now even the mainstream press is considering the possibility ["Why would you investigate an article that even the independent special counsel says is false unless (and here's the twist) Mueller is secretly working for Trump?" - Tucker Carlson live on Fox News, 1/21/19 – OSI:DI] It certainly would explain why Representative Schiff is attempting to start a new investigation based on a report that was debunked by Robert Mueller himself.

A titanic struggle between the Trump faction (the Alliance) and the old-guard cabal over control of the narrative has taken shape over the events surrounding the ‘government shutdown.’ One of this writer’s favorite things about government ‘shutdowns’ is that they very clearly illustrate how much of the federal government is completely useless. Over 800,000 federal employees have been furloughed for a month and how is life any different? Less groping at the airports? We think the American people will be just fine…

It has been an interesting start to the year, and events are unfolding quickly. Here is a quick readout of the most oft-repeated rumors percolating in the intelligence community:

  • Ruth Bader Ginsburg likely dead or in a vegetative state. The cabal trial-ballooned “allowing Ginsburg to participate in Supreme Court hearings via transcripts.” This plan seems to have been abandoned as untenable, and proof-of-life will be required prior to any major Supreme Court decisions

  • Neo-cons, globalists, Zionists, and cabal members of all stripes are united in opposition to Trump’s decision to withdraw American forces from Syria. This should be perfect confirmation that removing American forces from Syria is the right thing to do. After a long time without incident, four American servicemen were killed when the cabal’s proxy army (ISIS) staged a suicide bombing [See Issue #014 for more on Syria and the formation of ISIS – OSI:DI.] The implication being that the cabal is attempting to force American forces to remain in the Middle East in order to go forward with their plan of partitioning Syria amongst Turkey, Iraq, Kurdistan, Jordan and Israel

  • The oil-rich areas of Syria near the Golan Heights were intended to go to Israel after the partition. As predicted by this narrative, when U.S. forces leave, Israel and Saudi Arabia will no longer be able to use American soldiers to attain their geo-political aims. Thus, Israel will have to more directly intervene (Syria war: Israeli jets target Iranian positions around Damascus – BBC, January 21, 2019.) For those of our readers interested in this part of the Geo-political mosaic, OSI:DI recommends researching Genie Energy and their oil and gas explorations in the Golan Heights. They have a very interesting board of directors

  • Trump’s wall is opposed by the deep-state not simply because its construction would give Trump a political win, but for more nefarious reasons as well. Intelligence assets regularly smuggle guns, gold, cash, drugs, operators, and children across the Southern U.S. border. Handing Trump (i.e. the American people) control over the border would be a crippling blow to the cabal’s ability to subvert the United States. President Trump is holding all the cards, however, since he can utilize defense funding to begin construction of the wall on a moment’s notice…

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