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Anatomy of the Shadow War (ISSUE #006)

When you hear the words “World War Three,” what images come to mind? Nuclear explosions? Endless columns of troops marching through decimated cities? Breadlines? Mass graves? Fighter jets streaking through the sky? Certainly possible, but OSI:DI would suggest thinking more outside the box.

Unrestricted Warfare is the title of a book written in 1999 by Qiao Liang and Wang Xiangsui (two colonels in China’s People’s Liberation Army.) The book elaborated on military strategy, particularly against an opponent with superior conventional force. Arguing that China would never be able to defeat the United States in a conventional war, the authors concluded that legal warfare (lawfare), economic warfare, terrorism, cyberwarfare, and communication/satellite warfare would be the most effective strategy for crippling the United States. (The Asia Times, March 27, 2002) By the way, Colonel Qiao Liang is now Major General Qiao Liang, and the Center for Research on Globalization ( suggest his military philosophy “Can be taken to be [the view] of China’s leadership.”

A conventional war or a nuclear war would be far too costly for a developed nation. The potential gains are far out-weighed by the risk of total collapse. It seems that the top military minds in all advanced nations have come to the same conclusions as Unrestricted Warfare, and this is why the current global conflict looks nothing like the images we have of World War Two. The war today, in its current form, is best described as “The Shadow War.” The Shadow War is not playing out between uniformed standing armies, nor are the nation-states themselves the primary combatants. Instead, this conflict is an aggregate of hundreds of smaller conflicts between different factions across the globe. These factions consist of intelligence agencies, drug cartels, political groups, corporations, religious institutions, military forces, media outlets, militias, terrorist organizations, international banks, academic institutions, secret societies, and royal families.

To complicate things even further, individual corporations, media groups, and intelligence agencies often have a variety of rogue factions or splinter groups of their own. The sheer number of participants and cross-purposes creates an extremely dangerous and complex situation. To unpack this mess would take volumes, but OSI:DI would like to call attention to a few recent events that give clues as to the nature of this “Shadow War.”

On November 27, 2017, the U.S.S. James E. Williams (DDG95) entered the Black Sea and stopped just short of Russian territorial waters. Neither the White House nor the Pentagon offered any explanation to the Russians. The Russians were planning to launch a fleet of nanosatellites the following day from the Vostochny Cosmodrome in Russia’s far-east. In light of the U.S.S. Williams position and the fact that it is equipped with the Aegis Ballistic Missile Defense System, Vladimir Putin ordered a “high alert” for the Vostochny Cosmodrome. This defensive mobilization included 400 troops and 85 units of equipment including several helicopters (ITAR-TASS, November 27, 2017.) Despite these measures, the launch failed midway, for unspecified reasons, and the video feed that tracked the Soyuz 2.1b rocket ends before anything abnormal is seen. Curious.

Even more curious is that three days before (November 24,) US Strategic Command announced that a streaking fireball over central Canada which “looked like a meteor,” was actually a rocket fuselage which burned up upon re-entry into earth’s atmosphere (CBCNews, November 26, 2017.) More curious still were the dozens of reports of brightly glowing “meteors” crashing Earthward around the same time. A sample:

  • "Falling meteor sends Japanese residents into panic mode” – Sputnik News, 11/24/17

  • “Watch as meteor flies across West Midlands in stunning dashcam footage” - Coventry Telegraph, 11/30/17

  • “Cameras on Phoenix city hall captured meteor burst, and hundreds of thousands watched,” – AZCentral, 11/17/17

  • “Aliens or simply a meteor? Fireball footage captured by an astronaut aboard the ISS spark claims NASA is hiding evidence of ET,” - The Daily Mail, 11/20/17

It is certainly possible that some of these events were simply part of the annual Taurid meteor shower. However, the footage taken from the ISS [International Space Station – OSI:DI] shows an object falling slowly, and then picking up speed as it enters Earth’s atmosphere. This type of motion is inconsistent with a meteor. OSI:DI would venture to say that several of these reported “meteors” were in fact satellites being shot down, disabled, or otherwise pulled from orbit. Just who controlled which satellites and why certain ones were targeted is perhaps too tangled a web to navigate at the current time. Such is the nature of the Shadow War.

[Cover of the original Chinese printing of Unrestricted Warfare (Left) and Major General Qiao Liang (Right)]

The Chinese and their associated factions have accepted the importance of satellite/space warfare decades ago (as evidenced by Major General Qiao Liang), and it stands to reason that the Russians, the Americans, the EU, the Israelis, the Japanese, the Indians, and the Iranians recognize this as well. Furthermore, it would be logical to presume that all of these nations recognize the importance of keeping these militaristic space programs classified. Indeed, OSI:DI would wager that the Shadow War has been raging above our heads between different factions and their associated covert space programs for years, if not decades.

Again, this conflict is not a war between two standing armies over contested territory. Instead, the Shadow War is best understood as a struggle between two sides for control over the Earth’s systems, infrastructure, and resources [See Issue #002 and #004 for more on these opposing sides – OSIDI.] Neither side can afford the collapse of the financial markets, the electrical grid, the supply chain, the communication networks, or the civil order. Because of the need to maintain functionality and order, the public at large is kept in the dark.

Any overt manifestations of this struggle that cannot be outright ignored are distorted or suppressed by corporate media/intelligence agencies. For instance, it would be difficult to explain to the American people why some of the Navy’s warships are not under the President’s control. It would be even harder to explain why a Russian satellite launch was sabotaged by U.S. assets and several more satellites crashed to Earth the same week.

The encouraging news, as we have mentioned before, is that the good guys are winning this historic struggle for the fate of the planet. The “Alliance” has decapitated the Saudi money laundering/arms smuggling/blackmail operation [See Issue #003 for more on Saudi Arabia – OSI:DI] Without the unlimited anonymous cash flow pouring into Washington D.C. the swamp will begin to drain at a much more rapid pace. The media’s and Hollywood’s woes are only accelerating, but they will pale in comparison to the coming scandals in D.C. According to information overheard through the intelligence grapevine, both the House of Representatives and the FBI are due to be exposed in the very near future. Trey Gowdy, a member of the Judiciary Committee in the House of Representatives, insinuated that the dam is about to break at the FBI when he told FoxNews “I’ll be a little bit surprised if [Deputy Director Andrew McCabe] is still an employee of the FBI this time next week.”

[Rep. Trey Gowdy interviewed on Fox News, 12/15/17]

We shall have to wait and see, but with nearly 50 senators and representatives (so far) resigning or publicly announcing they will not seek re-election, it is safe to say that the Shadow War is in full swing, and massive power-plays are occurring behind the smoke and mirrors. This writer cannot think of a greater Christmas gift to the American people than a wave of corrupt politicians and bureaucrats being brought to justice…

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