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State of the Union: The Alliance is Winning the Second Civil War (ISSUE #002)

If you are anything like most Americans, you might turn on the TV or browse your internet newsfeeds and think “What the hell is going on in the world?” It is indeed difficult to get a clear perspective of what is actually occurring when the majority of elected officials and the media are dedicated to keeping certain things hidden from you. Consider this: during the height of the Cold War, the KGB (the Soviet Union’s prime intelligence agency) spent 85% of its foreign budget on propaganda. Not weaponry, not spy training, not high-tech gadgets; just good old fashioned fake news [G. Edward Griffin – Interview of Soviet Defector Yuri Bezmenov, 1984]. The KGB had figured out that investing in disinformation campaigns yielded tremendous benefits: isn’t it logical that the American CIA came to the same conclusion?

This is not just speculation. Many former CIA officers, government officials, and news personalities have come forward explaining in great detail just how involved the CIA was in American media. For instance: Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, a cabinet member in the Reagan administration and Wall Street Journal editor has stated that it was taken for granted at the Journal that the CIA compensated journalists in exchange for publishing stories. Operation Mockingbird is the name of one such project that emerged from the Office of Policy Coordination, an intentionally harmless-sounding department within the CIA.

Among the many activities that fell under Mockingbird’s umbrella was the creation of Radio Free Europe, a network of radio stations that broadcast pro-Western propaganda to Soviet-bloc countries during the Cold War. Mockingbird went further than this, and indeed the CIA’s control of media still extends across the Atlantic today. Consider the testimony of Udo Ulfkotte, a former editor of Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (which is one of Germany’s largest newspapers.) In 2014, Mr. Ulfkotte stated the following during an interview:

Most of the journalists you see in foreign countries … European or American journalists, like me in the past, are so-called non-official cover. … Non-official cover means what? You do work for an intelligence agency, but when they [the public] find out that you are not only a journalist but a spy too, they [the CIA] will never say this was one of our guys. … So, I have helped them in several situations, and I feel ashamed for that. … I feel ashamed that I … was bribed by billionaires, I was bribed by the Americans, not to report exactly the truth.

Mr. Ulfkotte died on January 13, 2017. He was scheduled to meet with President-Elect Trump the following day in New York City. What were they going to discuss?

The preceding paragraphs are simply background information that every American ought to be aware of before daring to subject themselves to American media. OSI:DI attempts to use some less well known historical information and sources to shed light on the current political situation. And just to be clear, by “current political situation” OSI:DI means the Second American Civil War. This writer understands that much of this information will conflict with what you have learned in grammar school and what you hear daily on the news. Nevertheless, consider the following lengthy analysis, offered to this writer by someone well-placed in the intelligence community:

1) Dwight Eisenhower was the last sovereign president. He had an almost fully loyal government, with the exception of the CIA, an agency he was sometimes at odds with. In his farewell address he warned the nation of the growing power of the military-industrial-complex (MIC). In private, he warned his successor, John F. Kennedy, that he ought to rein in the MIC before it became unmanageable.

2) Kennedy takes office and attempts to save the Republic from being captured by the MIC/CIA. He refuses to be goaded into escalations in Cuba (after the CIA’s Bay of Pigs disaster) and in Vietnam (where the CIA was “advising” the South Vietnamese.) Kennedy wanted to disband the CIA, and return the United States to a gold-backed US Treasury Note, as opposed to a Federal Reserve Note. He also strongly opposed Israel’s nuclear weapons program (being developed at Israel’s Dimona research facility in the Negev Desert.)

3) Kennedy is killed and his successor, Lyndon Johnson, immediately escalates the war in Vietnam

4) The day JFK died was the day the Republic of the United States ended, and the American Oligarchy/Empire began, spearheaded by corrupt individuals within the MIC, media, and the CIA.

5) Ronald Reagan, a sovereign, patriotic outsider who was laughed at and despised by the Republicans, manages to win the Republican nomination in 1980, after failing to do so in 1976. Reagan made his biggest error in selecting George H.W. Bush, former director of the CIA, as his running mate. Reagan is nearly killed three months after inauguration, but he was saved by the valiant efforts of two police officers and a secret service agent who all took bullets protecting him. Reagan lived, delaying Bush Sr.’s presidential ambitions by eight years.

6) Reagan’s presidency marked the spiritual birth of what some in the intelligence community now refer to as the “Alliance.” The Alliance is a catch-all term for those individuals within the branches of government, the armed services, the law enforcement agencies, intelligence agencies, the media, and business who are ideologically opposed to the MIC/CIA (which by now had become a nation-wrecking monstrosity which was bankrupting the nation.)

7) Among the earlier known members of this unofficial alliance was Roger Stone, who worked on both Reagan and Trump’s campaigns. Steve Bannon, Trump’s former chief strategist and executive chairman of non-CIA controlled Breitbart News, was serving aboard a ship in the Persian Gulf during the Iranian hostage crisis when he became a Reaganite. Also among these Reagan Republicans was a successful young businessman from New York City named Donald J. Trump.

8) Bush Sr. takes over and the MIC/CIA is now firmly in control. Ross Perot (running under the Reform Party) sabotages George Bush’s re-election by not dropping out, handing Bill Clinton the presidency. Bush Sr. remains one of the most powerful individuals in the country.

9) Bill Clinton does the bidding of the MIC/CIA, consolidates his power, and continues abusing vulnerable women as he had done most of his life.

10) George W. Bush is brought into office by a re-count in Florida (where Jeb Bush was governor.)

11) The MIC/CIA runs amok during Bush Jr.’s tenure

12) Obama wins in a landslide because he is eloquent, inspiring, and cool. Little did the voters know he was every bit the war-monger and corporate prostitute his predecessors were. During his tenure, the US doubled its debt and undertook military action in more countries than during any other president’s term. He also solidified the power of the banks and the insurance corporations through massive taxpayer bailouts and subsidies.

13) Donald Trump started to run under the Reform Party in 2000 and in 2012, but by 2016 he apparently could not wait any longer. Trump knows both parties are corrupt, and is third-party at heart, but he is intelligent enough to know that only a Democrat or a Republican could win the Presidency. Thus, he began his hostile takeover of the Republican Party. What happened in the next several months struck every American as fundamentally different from previous elections. But why?

14) Unlike previous elections which occurred between MIC/CIA puppets (like McCain and Obama or Bush and Kerry,) Donald Trump was a genuine outsider, representing an existential threat to the entrenched power-elite. What’s more, he had enough money that he couldn’t be bankrupted or bribed. He had enough name recognition and Twitter so he didn’t need the CIA’s cronies in the mainstream media. He also had his own loyal security team, ensuring that he would live through the length of the campaign. They MIC/CIA threw everything they could at him, and none of it worked. The most damaging thing they could dig up on him was the Access Hollywood tape, but even that was not enough. Trump defeated Clinton, and his campaign has effectively outed the MIC/CIA. It was easy enough for Chuck Schumer and John McCain to pretend they were on opposite sides when there is a puppet candidate in power, but when a sovereign President arrives, they are suddenly in agreement on everything.

Heavy stuff. So where does that leave us today? If Donald Trump is indeed a member of the “Alliance,” then he has accomplished something extra-ordinary. He successfully mobilized the population of a demoralized nation, and led them on a kamikaze mission straight through the gates of Washington D.C. In the process he barreled right through the media, the mega-lobbyists, Hollywood, and the corrupt elements of the intelligence community. He secured the Presidency and has begun the long process of “draining the swamp.”

In light of the events of the past two weeks, OSI:DI believes that it is now safe to say the Alliance is winning the Second American Civil War. Previously untouchable Hillary Clinton has been thrown to the wolves by her allies for selling Uranium to Russia. Paul Manafort’s arrest (contrary to popular belief) will likely lead the arrest of MIC/CIA puppets and Clintonistas (starting with Tony Podesta, who crossed paths with Manafort in the Ukraine many times.) Former FBI director James Comey has reportedly flipped and is now working on behalf of the Alliance. Imran Awan, an alleged Pakistani ISI agent who had access to most of the computers on Capitol Hill, has been arrested and is certainly being milked for information by the Alliance. Hollywood is in flames, and the sex scandal emanating from the fall of Weinstein will undoubtedly reach Washington. OSI:DI advises vigilance: November 4 through November 8 could be dicey as the Department of Defense plans nationwide “Solar-storm blackout drills,” and Antifa plans to hold a nationwide “Day of Rage” on Saturday. Combined with the civil war raging in Washington, we are in for an interesting November…

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