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America Shall Weather the Storm (Issue #029)

In an era of media and social-media saturation, sensationalism, and hyperbole, many people on all sides find reason to become disheartened. We are told that our complete collapse from climate change, from social unrest, from nuclear war, from terrorism is inevitable. CNN, the Washington Post, and the omnipresent social media algorithms convince us disaster is always imminent, lurking behind every corner, just waiting for us to look away from the screen. Sadly, this phenomenon affects the young more than the old, since older generations have seen the United States survive the JFK assassination, Vietnam, Watergate, the market crash of ’87, September 11, the Bushes, the Clintons, and the Obamas.

The truth is that America is the oldest, most enduring government on Earth, having lasted almost 243 years so far. We were founded upon a rock: the right to life and liberty, the rule of law and not the rule of men, and humble acknowledgement that we are all ‘under God,’ or at least a humble acknowledgement of a transcendent ideal. This ideal could be summed up as ‘a belief in the intrinsic value of every human, and the right of every human to be sovereign over themselves.’ This is why America is exceptional. This is why America has weathered and shall weather all storms.

Unfortunately, we do face challenges in the modern era that are daunting, and though the situation is often dire, there is reason for patriots to be glad. One of the premises of this newsletter is that Donald Trump represents the leader of a counter-coup against an entrenched ‘Deep-State’ to use a term common to the times. This Deep-State apparatus has grown in power steadily since the end of World War II, and has become a powerful, pervasive, and corrupting force in Media, Business, Government, Technology, and Central Intelligence.

The Deep-State metastasized into the permanent-war uni-party that controlled congress through bribery and extortion. It became the surveillance state which absorbed portions of large tech companies to store and monitor all data. It sought to establish stranglehold on the internet, censoring dissenting opinions through ‘shadow-banning,’ blacklisting, demonetization, and de-platforming. It sought to prevent a Trump Presidency at all costs by directing controlled media assets to spin every Trump story as negatively as possible, throwing their remaining credibility to the wind.

As we at OSI:DI had hoped and predicted, the Alliance formed in support of President Trump is winning this Second American Revolution against the Deep-State [See Issues #002, #004, and #012 for more on the Alliance and the Second American Revolution – OSI:DI.] Despite hundreds of news-cycles (dating back to June of 2015) claiming that “this is the beginning of the end” for President Trump, Teflon Don still sits in the Oval Office. How?

[The only intelligence chief that Trump did not replace after his election: NSA chief Admiral Mike Rogers]

Is it because Trump is the public face of a larger operation? Does this operation consist of patriotic operatives in the NSA, the DIA, the CIA, and the Military who are attempting to ‘drain the swamp’ using the rule of law to bring corrupt officials to justice? OSI:DI has been covering the progress of this operation, highlighting the palace intrigue, the cloak-and-dagger lawfare, the geopolitical connections, and the battle for the narrative. Right now, the Mockingbird Media wants you to believe that the Trump Presidency is in a state of collapse as he tries to avoid impeachment [See Issue #005 for more on the Operation Mockingbird – OSI:DI.]

But even the fake news media has been forced to admit that the Mueller report will be anti-climactic. This is why corrupt politicians have shifted focus to Trump-centered investigations originating in the Southern District of New York and investigative efforts led by House Intelligence Committee Chair (and chronic leaker) Adam Schiff. But, it will all be for naught: while Trump has been the focus countless investigations, the Alliance has been quietly engaged in some investigations of their own. Uranium-one, Clinton’s E-mails, Loretta Lynch’s Tarmac Meeting, FISA-gate, Spy-gate, NXIVM… the list goes on.

Now that Trump has a solid grasp on the Senate and the Supreme Court (in addition to appointing a record number of federal judges,) there is little that these high-ranking criminals can do any longer to escape justice. Trump himself has begun confirming publicly that a coup had been attempted and that there are several officials who are in serious legal jeopardy:

Do you see now why Andrew McCabe threw his colleague Rod Rosenstein under the bus? (McCabe: Rosenstein thought 2 Cabinet members could support bid to oust Trump – Fox News, February 21, 2019) Plotting to wear a wire to entrap a sitting President for the purposes of removing him from office… that’s treason. If true, that would make Rod Rosenstein eligible for the death penalty. No wonder McCabe flipped. Who else has flipped? The ‘swamp-rats’ are fleeing the sinking ship in droves now, and Trump, the NSA, and the newly cleaned FBI and DOJ (headed by newly appointed AG William Barr) are poised to drop the hammer. Of course, narrative control will be critical at this point. Is that why Hillary Clinton is pushing for Twitter to censor 200 very influential accounts that are pushing this narrative by claiming it amounts to voter fraud? (‘Sustained and ongoing’ disinformation assault targets Dem presidential candidates – Politico, February 20, 2019)

[The Clinton Machine is in full panic mode, with Hillary Clinton herself giving the wink-and-nod to the “Big Brothers” over at Twitter to begin censoring the accounts listed here]

Indeed, Hillary Clinton and every other corrupt official should be worried. Right now, the Alliance’s investigations have been centered around the corrupt leadership at the FBI and the DOJ, but it is a short jump from the DOJ to the State Department and the CIA and any number of officials could testify against the Clinton Machine. James Baker, former FBI General Counsel has been put in the pressure-cooker by the Alliance (Former FBI General Counsel James Baker under criminal investigation – CNN, January 15, 2019) Does that explain why Baker has been hedging his bets and changing his tune on the Clinton investigation? (Former FBI general counsel thought Hillary Clinton should be prosecuted until 'pretty late' in email investigation – FoxNews, February 21, 2019)

If our original Alliance vs. Deep-State premise is accurate, we can expect to see a drama unfold like nothing else before in American History. Are Military Intelligence and President Trump executing a brilliant counter-coup, overseeing the swamp-draining and returning the rule of law to America? Or has he himself become a swamp-creature, overwhelmed by the culture of corruption in D.C.? Welcome to the greatest show on Earth. This writer is confident that America will weather the storm.

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