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The Revolution Will Not Be Televised (Issue #028)

We have been covering the world-wide revolution against globalism for well over a year now [Notably in Issues #002, #015, #020, and #026 – OSI:DI] The shift toward populist nationalism is palpable and irreversible, and geopolitically the world is in a period of transformation and uncertainty. Yet there is one thing we can count on; for as long as ‘black-hats’ in the intelligence agencies control the media, this Revolution most certainly will not be televised.

The Mockingbird Media is loath to cover the tremendous setbacks delivered to the government of Emmanuel Macron (the globalist cabal’s puppet-leader of France) on the backs of the Gilet Jaunes movement [See Issue #026 – OSI:DI.] The Mockingbird Media is desperately attempting to convince the British people that leaving the European Union will mean the end of England, even though the E.U. itself is in a state of complete collapse. The Mockingbird Media strives to convince the world that the populist uprisings across the globe are a flash-in-the-pan, a curiosity to be acknowledged but quickly forgotten.

[Brazilian President Bolsonaro, President Trump, and Italian Deputy Prime Minister Salvini]

But it seems as if the establishment, old-guard, cabal is in a state of denial. While repeatedly stating that globalism is the way of the future, they refused to acknowledge the unending string of victories nationalist leaders have racked-up world-wide. First was Brexit, then Trump, then near-victories for Marine LePen in France and Geert Wilders in the Netherlands. Nationalist victories in Hungary, Austria, Poland, and the Czech Republic began further fragmenting the globalist E.U. The Phillipines and Iceland are seldom recognized for their early adoption of the nationalist trend. Recently, there have been tremendous setbacks for Angela Merkel in Germany, Justin Trudeau in Canada, and Teresa May in the U.K.

Brazil took a hard right-turn after decades of socialist mismanagement with the election of paratrooper captain and Rio de Janeiro councilman Jair Bolsonaro. Bolsonaro immediately commenced a crackdown on gang activity, loosened gun restrictions for Brazilians seeking means for self-defense, began realigning Brazilian foreign policy with the Brazilian strategic interests rather than globalist interests, and stated that he will “liberate Brazil from socialism” during his inauguration speech. He has been called by the media “Trump of the Tropics.”

There is however no country which has embraced the anti-globalist movement as quickly as Italy. Perhaps Italians were emboldened by other anti-globalist electoral victories across Europe. Or perhaps Italians were simply fed up with the unending flow of young male migrants being dumped on Italian shores by boats registered to NGOs [NGOs that are part of larger NGO’s that are part of holding companies, that are owned by a larger holding company, that is ‘advised’ by George Soros, naturally – OSI:DI.]

Regardless, Italy pulled off a remarkable achievement; forming a viable coalition government with the populist left-wing Five Star party and the populist right-wing League party. The coalition ambush shocked the Italian establishment, not to mention the E.U.’s globalist puppet-masters in Brussels. Though Giuseppe Conte is the official Prime minister of this coalition government, it is League party member and Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini who has become the strongest anti-globalist voice.

Salvini has proven himself a staunch supporter of the Italian national identity. He immediately set about reducing the number illegal immigrants into Italy. He became the most dominant political voice in Europe due in part to his “Savvy use of social-media” according to the press. Sound familiar? (How Italy’s ‘Captain’ Builds His Brand – Reuters, October 18, 2018.) Confirming his status as the European Parliament’s worst nightmare, Salvini has struck directly at the Achilles heel of the cabal; suggesting that the Italian Government should liberate the gold held by the Bank of Italy (Salvini Proposes Seizing Control Of Italy's Gold Reserves From Central Bank – ZeroHedge, February 11, 2019.)

Who would have thought that keeping national assets under the control of a nation-state and its people would be considered a revolutionary idea? The globalist banking-cartel has long held a stranglehold on the world via its complete control of the central banks of every Western nation. But that control is eroding quickly, especially in Italy. To that, OSI:DI says “Viva Italia, and may God continue to shepherd the people of Italy toward liberty and prosperity!”

As a side-note: the oft-repeated trope that ‘the world is laughing at the United States because of President Trump’ is getting less convincing by the day. Trump is one of the most popular foreign politicians in many countries, including the Philippines, South Korea, Taiwan, Japan, Israel, India, Hungary, and Poland. Then of course there is Italy. Millennial Americans seem to have a crude notion that Europeans are, in general, more sophisticated than Americans and would never tolerate a blowhard, racist, womanizing capitalist like Trump. We invite our poorly informed Millennial Americans to check out the following scene from one of the most popular Italian festivals earlier this February:

[Fabrizio Galli’s five-story moving statue of ‘God-Emperor Trump’ at the Carnevale di Viareggio, attended by 600,000 Italians. The haft of the sword is a series of ‘Twitter’ birds, and inscribed on the sword is a phrase in Italian which roughly translates to “Here’s your fucking tariffs!”]

In other news, the Great Awakening (first mentioned by OSI:DI last April in Issue #015) continues rapidly accelerating:

[President Trump telegraphing the most heavily used phrase from the ‘Q-anon’ movement]

The National Emergency declaration is partially about the wall, but it is also about preparing for civil unrest and false flag terror incidents because the Second American Revolution (first outlined by OSI:DI in Issue #002) is nearing the point where it will break into full view of the public. When it does, there will be the most severe attempt in media history to attempt to change the story, to distract the citizenry from the fact that Trump and Military Intelligence are draining the swamp and attempting to bring traitors in government to justice. We are entering the most dangerous phase of ‘the plan.’ The chatter coming through the wire has increased dramatically this week, and OSI:DI would like to share with you some of the more interesting claims:

  • "Watch for reports of ‘rapidly deteriorating health’ for public officials, specifically the Clintons. Is this suicide weekend? [Andrew] McCabe’s 60 Minutes interview is public confirmation that the rats are turning on each other. Rosenstein, Comey, Clapper, Brennan, Strzok, Ohr, Page, Baker and many others completely cornered. PANIC in the swamp”

  • “Trump set to be in Vietnam [February 27-28 – OSI:DI] under lock-and-key during thick of operations stateside. Trump-Kim summit will be part of a series of rapid-fire victories for ‘America-first’ patriots. Media will be working triple-time in attempt to spin the narrative”

  • “Public learning more about the realities on the ground in Syria. Staged attacks and mercenaries were/are rampant and military involvment by the United States does not serve American interests. Take note and be skeptical of those who criticize the President for working toward PEACE” [BBC Producer's Syria Bombshell – Zerohedge, February 14, 2019 – This was anticipated 10 months ago in Issue #014 - OSI:DI]

  • “National Emergency to be spun by compromised media as ‘dangerous precedent’ despite many dozens of non-war related national emergencies over the last several decades”

  • “Awareness amongst ranking establishment politicians that Mueller probe will be a let-down has triggered several other investigations to become elevated in importance by the corrupt press. Most notable are the numerous ‘kitchen sink’ investigations begun by House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff and several ‘pressure cooker/perjury trap’ investigations taking place in the Southern District of New York targeting anyone and everyone who has interacted with anything attached to the name Trump”

  • “Senate Intelligence Committee Republicans and Democrats conclude that after two years and 200 witness testimonies that there is no direct evidence of improper contact with Russian officials during the 2016 Trump campaign. Attorney General Barr now at bat to prosecute what Sessions investigated…”

[Newly appointed Attorney General William Barr]

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