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The Hunters Become the Hunted (Issue #017)

How does that old saying go? “Turnabout is fair play?” Shall we ask Mr. John Brennan, former director of the CIA? (Is John Brennan the Mastermind behind ‘Russiagate’? – Ron Paul Institute, February 14, 2018) Or how about the former Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper? (Media Accuse Trump of Lying About ‘Spygate’ Despite Clapper Admission –, May 25, 2018) Now that #RussiaGate has metastasized into #SpyGate, all manner of deep-state rats can be seen scurrying off of their sinking ship, Brennan and Clapper being no exception, of course. OSI:DI first mentioned Brennan on November 6 in Issue #003, quoting a former CIA officer who described the former CIA director a “Saudi whore,” and a “Traitor to this country.” Mr. Brennan and Mr. Clapper were both mentioned in Issue #004 dated November 17, 2017:

“The Obama administration’s intelligence chiefs (James Comey, James Clapper, and John Brennan) were apparently on board with an effort to surveil the Trump campaign and the Trump transition team… This represented a gross abuse of power: an incumbent administration used the country’s intelligence agencies to spy on an opponent’s political campaign.” – OSI:DI Issue #004, November 17, 2017

Can we get an “Amen?” We here at OSI:DI would like to pat ourselves on the back briefly for our accurate analysis more than six months ahead of the mainstream press. Additionally, on May 13 in Issue #016, we correctly named Stefan Halper as the deep-state spy inside the Trump campaign. The mainstream press confirmed our analysis six days later on May 19 (Cambridge Professor Outed as Informant Inside Trump Campaign – NYPost, May 19, 2017.) Please remember, dear reader, that we at OSI:DI consider it our patriotic duty to keep you “Ahead of the Headlines.”

Oh, and how about Mr. Weinstein? Harvey Weinstein, the sexual predator featured in our first issue way back in October, has turned himself in on May 25 to face rape charges in New York City. “What took so long?” you might ask. Well, it is hard to bring charges against an elite sexual predator when the Attorney General of New York is… an elite sexual predator. OSI:DI invites you to pinch your nose and recall how disgraced former New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman was pulled from office just a few weeks ago [See Issue #016 for more on Schneiderman – OSI:DI]

Let us also not forget about the now-infamous-sex-cult NXIVM out of upstate New York [See Issue #013 for a refresher on NXIVM – OSI:DI] Consider the following chain of events: a sex-cult-blackmail-ring is busted in New York state. Amongst the members of this cult are actresses, business people, and politicians, including several people who sat on the board of the Clinton Global Initiative. A few weeks later the NYAG Schneiderman is outed as a sadistic sex offender. A few weeks after that, Harvey Weinstein is finally going to face charges in the Southern District of New York. Also going on in the Southern District of New York; criminal proceedings against pedophile predator Anthony Weiner, husband of Huma Abedin, Hillary Clinton’s top aide (specifically relating to Mr. Weiner’s infamous laptop.) Do you still believe these are all coincidences? You do? Well here’s another coincidence for you:

Curious timing, no? Jeffrey Epstein (as we mentioned in Issues #001 and #013) was a billionaire convicted of prostituting minors, notably on his private island in the US Virgin Islands (Little St. James.) He would often fly powerful individuals (like Bill Clinton, Kevin Spacey, and Prince Andrew the Duke of York) to the island on a plane now dubbed “The Lolita Express.” Epstein represents the nexus between elite businessmen, world governments, intelligence agencies, sex cults, and blackmail rings. This all would have sounded like fiction back in 2015. Nevertheless, the evidence of cult/blackmail-rings keeps mounting. Why else would you have a Babylonian temple on your island/pedophile tourist destination?

[Babylonian-styled temple on Jeffrey Epstein’s Little St. James, (18°17’53.5N, 64°49’41.5”W)]

For those of you wishing to know more about Epstein’s network, here is a link to his actual “little black book” of high-level contacts and here is a link to the full FBI vault release.

Make no mistake, the events outlined so far in this issue are important landmarks in a struggle for control over the United States and its institutions. Our second issue (back in October) was subtitled "The Alliance is Winning the Second Civil War.” Our twelfth issue (published in March) was titled “The Second American Revolution.” We believe the internal conflict within the United States government is correctly referred to as a civil war since American citizens and public officials are fighting against their own countrymen. And we don’t use the word “war” figuratively. Plenty of patriotic Americans have died fighting this conflict [R.I.P. Seth Conrad Rich – OSI:DI.] While we honor our fallen this Memorial Day, please remember that many who have died in service to the American Republic did not necessarily die overseas.

We believe the current conflict is correctly referred to as a revolution as well, since we (American Nationalists) are in the process of banishing a tyrannical oligarchy imposed on us by a globalist elite, as was the case in 1776. Whether you call this oligarchy the deep-state, the cabal, the globalist cartel, the internationalists,the military-industrial complex, the illuminati, or the Bilderbergers is not important. What matters is that you are able to recognize and fight those who seek to subjugate our country under increasingly corrupt international institutions. The US is not the only country undergoing this revolution. As outlined in Issue #015, eastern European nations, the Phillipines, Saudi Arabia, Italy, the UK and others are currently pushing back against globalism and attempting to regain their own sovereignty.

The Great Awakening is unfolding, inexorably shining a light into the globalist sewer that runs underneath America and other countries [See Issues #009 and #013 for more on the Great Awakening –OSI:DI.] It is a great testament to the effectiveness of the disinformation campaigns waged on us by our intelligence agencies through the media that few Americans have picked up on the Shadow War [See Issue #006 for a synopsis of the Shadow War –OSI:DI] It was in the interests of both the Alliance and the deep-state to keep this conflict hidden from the public at large. However, the Alliance has been following what has been termed a soft-disclosure policy.

So much has been hidden from the public for so long that if all the classified information were declassified at once, there is a very real risk of societal collapse. We would also run the risk of damaging relationships with our allies, collapsing the economy, and endangering the lives of our servicemen/women. The solution? Staggered, gradual declassification of relevant information. Declassification is a winning strategy for the Alliance for a very simple reason; they are telling the truth! More on the Alliance’s strategy:

  • Both sides have access to all classified databases, but the deep-state’s primary objective is to prevent this information from leaking, instead preferring to leak/fabricate information to their cronies in the Mockingbird Media that is damaging to the Trump faction [See Issues #002 and #005 for more on Operation Mockingbird – OSI:DI.]

  • The Alliance needs to cripple the Mockingbird Media and “Big Tech” censorship in order to effectively promote their cause and the truth. The Mockingbird Media has been referring to the Alliance’s efforts in this regard as “attacks on the free-press,” and “dangerous to our democracy.”

  • Hostile foreign intelligence agency involvement in US affairs must be neutralized

  • Hostile foreign actors must be neutralized (N.Korea, S.Arabia, Iran)

  • Domestic politicians, businessmen, FBI agents, and DOJ employees who are forcibly blackmailed into working against American interests must be liberated from deep-state control

  • Weapon, drug, and child trafficking networks must be dismantled

  • The Alliance must defeat the architects of the “Russia collusion” hoax, a process which has been playing out this week in dramatic fashion. Expect many more explosive disclosures in the weeks ahead:

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