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Untangling the Syrian Knot (Issue #014)

Of all the events unfolding on the geopolitical stage over the recent past, OSI:DI has received more questions about the Syrian conflict than any other topic. Of course this is only natural: so many factions have a vested interest in obscuring what their true purposes and plans for Syria are. The current conflict in Syria is perhaps the most complex and convoluted conflict in world history and most Americans are unaware of the sheer number of sides and cross interests at play. A short list of the armed factions currently participating in Syria:

  • The Syrian Army

  • Hezbollah

  • Iran

  • Russia

  • Turkey

  • Kurdish Militants (PKK and YPG/YPJ)

  • ISIS

  • The Al-Nusra Front

  • Jaysh Al-Islam

  • Israeli Special Forces

  • Sunni monarchies (Jordan, Qatar, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia)

  • Iraq

  • The Free Syrian Army

  • Combined Joint Task Force (France, Britain, Germany, Australia, Netherlands, Norway)

  • United States Military forces loyal to the Deep State/CIA

  • United States Military forces loyal to the Alliance

  • Private contractors loyal to the Deep State/CIA

  • Private contractors loyal to the Alliance

  • Private contractors loyal to Russia

  • Arms traffickers/cartels of various nationalities and allegiances

Uncovering the number of participants boggled this writer’s mind. OSI:DI believes that knowledge is power, and empowerment of the American public is our primary aim. With that in mind, we would like to present a synopsis of some of the more important points to understand while untangling the Syrian mess:

  • The CIA has been trying to remove the Assad dynasty since at least 1983. The CIA had outlined plans to remove Hafez al-Assad (father of current Syrian Prime Minister Bashar al-Assad) and replace him with pro-business Sunni moderates (CIA document reveals plan to destroy Syria – Zerohedge, April 10, 2017)

  • Syria was viewed as vital to Western interests because of its oil and natural gas wealth, as well as its strategic position along a pipeline route from the Persian Gulf through Iraq or Saudi Arabia. The proposed Syrian pipeline was intended to bring fuel to Europe, thus denying Russia the ability to profit from selling their own energy there (Is the fight over a gas pipeline fueling the world’s bloodiest conflict? -, December 2, 2015)

  • Hillary Clinton was party to a massive arms transfer from deposed Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi’s arsenal to Syrian rebel groups (Hillary Clinton: Libyan gun running scheme ‘not serious” – Washington Times, October 22, 2015) Interestingly, the man questioning Clinton on this gun-running scheme during the Benghazi hearings was none other than Representative Mike Pompeo, who now holds Hillary’s previous position as Secretary of State.

  • Although the Syrian Civil War did not officially begin until June of 2012, there were armed incidents dating back to the “Arab Spring” uprisings of 2011

  • Operation Timber Sycamore is the name of a covert CIA program authorized by President Obama to arm and train rebel groups in Syria. Publicly, the weapons and training were intended for the Free Syrian Army and the Kurds. Off the record, much of the training and weaponry benefitted ISIS. Beginning in late 2012, a number of US airdrops were ‘captured’ by ISIS fighters. US military equipment in Iraq was also ‘captured’ by ISIS (ISIS: We have our hands on weapons, ammo air-dropped by US – CBS News, October 21, 2014)

  • Senator John McCain made several trips to Syria (at least once with Senators Marco Rubio and Lindsey Graham) often meeting with ISIS leadership. Being the CIA’s favorite Senator, it only makes sense that McCain would be tasked with overseeing Operation Timber Sycamore. Despite the media’s best efforts at discrediting these links, photographs of McCain’s many trips to Syria continue to surface:

  • President Trump halted Operation Timber Sycamore in July of 2017. (Behind the sudden death of the $1 billion secret CIA war in Syria – The New York Times, August 2, 2017) Trump’s move was painted as ‘Pro-Russia” by his critics in the Mockingbird Media [See Issues #002, #005, and #012 for more on Operation Mockingbird – OSI:DI.]

  • Within about nine months of Trump taking office, ISIS lost more than 99% of its territory, yet during Obama’s second term, ISIS only expanded their reach. Many assume this was the result of Obama’s incompetence, or Trump’s superior strategy. The truth is much simpler

  • The Obama administration created and nurtured ISIS and never intended to destroy them. Trump on the other hand simply had to give his generals and the Russians free reign to take out ISIS targets. Those with sharp memories will recall Trump saying during his campaign "They've created ISIS. Hillary Clinton created ISIS with Obama." (Trump: Clinton, Obama ‘created ISIS’ – CNN, January 3, 2016) Trump also repeatedly expressed his confidence in how quickly ISIS could be defeated. It is nearly certain he was briefed by various private contractors and individuals in military intelligence about the true origins of the Syrian conflict

  • Who are the ‘White Helmets?’ Ostensibly a non-governmental humanitarian organization, they are a group of Western-funded rescuers and medical personnel who provide aid and rescue to anyone in need in Syria. However, Israeli, Saudi, and American intelligence services have made a habit of donning the signature white-helmets in order to gain access to areas of Syria where they would typically be denied if they were known combatants. Syria and Russia have been accused of bombing these non-combatant White Helmets. However, it is nearly impossible to tell which people are actually attempting to provide medical assistance and which are simply Mossad assets wearing white-helmets and assisting ISIS (The ‘White Helmets’ controversy – Strategic Culture, October 25, 2016)

[Alleged ‘White Helmets’ caught using the same child for three different ‘rescue’ propaganda videos]

It quickly becomes apparent that the Syrian knot is more complicated than the propagandists in the West would have us believe. There are many documented instances of falsified video and photographic evidence emerging out of Syria, which creates a problem for the American public. It is easy to be swayed by heart-wrenching videos of gassed and bloodied children, but the public must be vigilant because not every instance is real. There has certainly been an enormous amount of death and destruction in Syria, and chemical attacks have almost certainly occurred. The problem is that bad apples in the Western intelligence agencies are just as likely as the Syrian government to be responsible for the gas attacks.

Don’t think that’s possible? Let’s take another recent example of chemical warfare; the poisoning of former Russian spy Sergei Skirpal and his daughter Yulia Skirpal on March 4 in Salisbury, England. There was near universal outrage in the West, combined with near certainty that the Russian government perpetrated the attack with a nerve agent called ‘Novichok.’ There were calls to punish Russia for using such a barbaric means of eliminating “Putin’s political enemies.” UK Prime Minister Teresa May implemented a series of punitive measures, including expelling Russian diplomats, halting high level talks with Russia, freezing Russian state assets, and funding a new £48 million chemical weapons defense center. British Secretary of State and former London Mayor Boris Johnson even suggested that Vladimir Putin personally ordered the nerve attack. There was widespread pressure on British allies to join the ‘blame Russia’ campaign. There was only one problem:

Oops! Guess it wasn’t those pesky Russians after all. Turns out the nerve agent ‘3-Quinuclidinyl benzilate’ is only manufactured in US, NATO, and UK chemical warfare facilities like the one at Porton Down in the UK. Coincidentally, the facility at Porton Down is just 11.7 kilometers from the location where the Skirpals were poisoned. If this writer had to guess, it is far more likely that MI6 (Britain’s Foreign Intelligence Service) is responsible for poisoning the Skirpals. But why?

Perhaps it had to do with the fact that Yulia Skirpal had contacted the Russian FSB asking for asylum and offering to prove MI6 and GCHQ were the foreign intelligence agencies behind the fabricated Trump-Russia dossier? (British spies were the first to spot Trump team’s links with Russia – The Guardian April 13, 2017) It should come as no surprise then to our readers that the CIA and MI6, out of the kindness of their hearts, ‘offered’ the Skirpals new identities and relocated them to the United States (CIA & MI6 to relocate Skirpals to America, give them new identities: report – Zerohedge, April 8, 2018.) Unfortunately, OSI:DI expects we will never hear of the Skirpals again.

The vigilant citizens of all Western countries have a responsibility to uncover the truth on their own. The British leadership were leading the West on the war-path to Moscow, while poisoning people with nerve agents on their own soil. Are we then supposed to accept that Bashar al-Assad is 100% responsible for the Syrian chemical attacks just because CNN and a CIA analyst say so? We cannot trust our governments or our media, so we must therefore do the research on our own and decide for ourselves.

In light of the recent airstrikes in Syria and the dismay this has generated amongst Trump’s loyalist voting base, OSI:DI would like to end this issue with a few salient points regarding Trump’s actions in Syria thus far.

  • OSI:DI notes with some dismay that the President announced his plan to withdraw American forces from Syria and then one week later a chemical attack occurs leading to an all-out media campaign to pressure the Trump administration into escalation.

  • OSI:DI also notes that this airstrike occurred almost a year to the day after last year’s cruise missile strikes ordered by President Trump

  • OSI:DI cautions that just because the strikes occurred in Syria, doesn’t mean they were directed at the Syrian regime. As was the case in 2017, the actual targets and the reason for their targeting will be known only to a select group of military intelligence insiders

  • OSI:DI suggests that Trump sincerely wants to end American military adventurism and bring our troops home, but various factions continue in their efforts to pigeonhole the Alliance into escalation. These airstrikes serve the purpose of satisfying the overwhelming demand for a military action, while not actually committing to a large escalation

This writer would also add that the public has good reason to be optimistic. Every ploy the Deep-State has tried has fallen flat and Trump is still going strong. With the same optimism we eagerly await the upcoming Inspector General’s report and further disclosures regarding its scope…

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