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Elections,Technocrats, and Sex Cults (Issue #013)

March has been an eventful month, to say the least. Forces aligned with President Trump have been scoring victories behind the scenes for over a year now, and recently those victories have become more and more visible. To the President’s less patient supporters, there has been some dismay that Hillary Clinton was not arrested on day one and the swamp doesn’t appear to be draining as quickly as they would like. To those who feel this way, OSI:DI would like to suggest that eliminating the systemic corruption in our government is less like draining a swamp and more like defusing a bomb. Sometimes quite literally. Here are just some of the things that the Alliance has had to accomplish between 2015 and today:

  • Find a candidate to run for President who is not subject to blackmail and who is willing to subject themselves and their family to constant humiliation and the threat of death.

  • Keep that candidate (and those supporting him) alive while defeating all the other establishment candidates

  • Discredit the deep-state aligned media [See Issue #005 – OSI:DI] and prevent them from swaying the public opinion with constant negative coverage and false allegations

  • Prevent the deep-state from rigging the electronic voting machines

  • Evade the Obama DOJ, FBI, and State Department as they wiretapped, surveilled, and entrapped Trump campaign officials

  • Try to prevent as many deep-state operatives from securing positions in the Trump cabinet/government as possible

  • Find out which people in President Trump’s cabinet are leaking on behalf of the deep-state

  • Try to find a way to fire corrupt individuals without breaking the law and getting impeached for it (think James Comey, Andrew McCabe, etc.)

  • Prevent MS-13 gang members from being contracted to intimidate judges, politicians, lawyers, and media personalities on behalf of the deep-state

  • Find and neutralize all “suitcase” nukes, biological weapons, chemical weapons, and malicious computer code that can be used by the deep-state to hold the Trump administration and the World hostage

  • Prevent the banking cartel from intentionally crashing the economy and pinning it on the President

  • Prevent the CIA from starting another false-flag conflict in Syria to justify increased US presence

  • Remove the sitting government in Saudi Arabia in order to begin dismantling their stranglehold on American politics through money laundering, media control, and blackmail [See Issue #003 OSI:DI]

  • Prevent the CIA from staging a nuclear attack on Hawaii and blaming it on North Korea

  • Convince North Korea, China, and Russia, that the Trump faction of the US Government is winning the Second American Civil War, and that the Trump faction is trustworthy, unlike the last four deep-state administrations

  • Prevent Israel and rogue factions in the CIA from starting war with Iran

  • Prevent the deep-state from starting a “hot-war” with Russia (without contacting Russian officials in a way that can lead to a Trump impeachment)

  • Prevent the big-tech companies from winning the information war on behalf of the deep-state

Mind you, this is just the partial list! Always remember, this President and his allies in military intelligence and in the private world were always the underdogs in this struggle. The fact that they now have the upper hand is nothing short of a miracle. And rest assured, when the public finds out about the pure evil that exists in the ranks of those loyal to the “deep-state,” Trump will have the support of the entire country [See issue #004, #005, #006, and #012 for more on the alliance and the deep-state/cabal – OSI:DI.]

The deep state/cabal is well aware of this. They are up against the clock, and they have only three options left to play: sweep the midterms and impeach Trump, assassinate Trump, or trigger a massive war/economic collapse and take the world down with them. With more CIA officers running as Democratic candidates than ever before, this writer prays that the deep-state submits peacefully (The Daily 202: Ex-CIA Officers Running for Congress as Democrats – October 18, 2017 - Washington Post.)

Part of the deep-state plan to secure a massive victory in the midterms was to rely on the ability of CIA-backed tech companies to censor and sway public opinion using sophisticated algorithms whose ability to manipulate human opinions increases every quarter. OSI:DI first began covering the Alliance counter-attack on big-tech in December of 2017 [See Issue #007 – OSI:DI.] With Eric Schmidt of Google resigning, Microsoft being split into two divisions, Facebook facing a boycott and plunging stock prices, and Amazon in the crosshairs of the President’s Twitter-cannon, it looks like the Alliance offensive against big-tech is going according to plan.

For the record, OSI:DI recommends researching just how interconnected these technocrats and their companies are with the American and foreign intelligence services. After a good amount of digging, you may come to the same conclusion as this newsletter: every major government and intelligence contractor has access to all of the data available on everyone. Therefore, the world is at something of a stalemate. Everyone has the goods on everyone else, so the question then becomes: “whose blackmail file is the worst?” Which brings us to the final segment of this issue.

Our very first issue, dated October of 2017, was subtitled The Impending Takedown of Elite Pedophiles. In that issue, we detailed some high-ranking pedophilia scandals, alluded to the Clinton’s involvement in human trafficking, and shared some insight from Hollywood about the purpose that pedophilia serves for the elite. Think of it this way: if you know that a politician has committed a financial crime, you can hold the threat of jail over his head and get him to do quite a number of things. But there is a limit. You will get to the point with such a man where jail time and coming clean becomes a good alternative. Pedophilia, on the other hand, is widely viewed as the most heinous act a person can commit. If you know that a politician is a pedophile? Well, if you hold that over his head, you own him. We will re-post actress Nicole Kidman’s statement of director Stanley Kubrick’s take on elite pedophilia:

“Stanley told me the world is run by pedophiles… He studied secret societies his whole life, he was fascinated by them, and he said the elite, the top secret societies, they are full of men with a certain predilection. They are tied together, sort of bonded, by pedophilia. They all know each other’s dark secrets. There is no way out for any of them. It’s a lifetime bond. Even if one of them wanted to go straight, repent, so to speak, he can’t. His peers will bring him down. They are in it until death, driving the world to ruin. That’s kind of how Stanley explained it but it was all very complex. I’m probably not doing it justice.”

The Mossad, the CIA, and others have known and utilized this for a long time. George H.W. Bush, a former director of the CIA, was involved in a pedophile blackmail operation targeting individuals within the U.S. government since at least the 1980s:

Conspiracy theory? We wish it was. The problem confronting the Alliance is that the U.S. government, the major corporations, and the major media have become so compromised by such blackmail operations (foreign and domestic) that we are functioning under what is effectively a puppet government. To make it worse, any mention of the topic in the mainstream immediately earns the label ‘conspiracy’ and will result in career suicide for the offending reporter (such as what happened to CBS anchor Ben Swann while reporting on the “Pizzagate” story in October of 2016.)

To be clear, not every politician/executive wrapped up in this worldwide blackmail ring is actually guilty of a heinous act. Many are simply afraid for their lives or their family’s lives and won’t risk speaking out. Others were entrapped by Mossad contractors like Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell. The routine goes something like this:

  1. Invite powerful individual to private hotel or private island (“Little St. James”) for a social gathering

  2. Offer drugs, alcohol, and a 25 year old prostitute to the target

  3. Drunken target passes out next to 25 year old prostitute and wakes up next to a 14 year old sex-trafficking victim and a video camera

  4. Show target the video tape and explain that he will do what the Mossad/CIA/Secret Society requires him to do or the video tape will be released

Rinse and repeat. Ensnare a couple media and entertainment executives here, a few U.S. Senators there… throw in a few judges and FBI agents, and all-of-a-sudden you have an extremely reliable shadow government. That, ladies and gentlemen, is the cheapest way to subvert a nation. Now, to speak out against those engaged in this EVIL practice is most certainly a death sentence. However, the reverse is also true. Those who participate willingly and for pleasure are elevated in status. Some, like President William Jefferson Clinton and Vice President Joseph Biden make it all the way to the highest echelons of the executive branch.

Most of the damning proof is publicly available (open source!) Yet it is still difficult to persuade the masses that this is not simply a conspiracy theory. For example… Jeffrey Epstein (a convicted child trafficker and pedophile) boards his private jet with Ghislaine Maxwell (his business partner/fellow Mossad agent and child slave groomer), and President Clinton (a serial rapist and predator.) Also aboard that plane was Kevin Spacey:

[Official flight log of the “Lolita Express” taking Kevin Spacey, Chris Tucker, President Clinton, Jeffrey Epstein (JE) and Ghislaine Maxwell (GM) to the island of Little St. James in the U.S. Virgin Islands]

This writer claimed for more than two years that Kevin Spacey was a pedophile, and the claim was dismissed as conspiracy. That is, of course, until Kevin Spacey was discovered to be a pedophile and a predator. So what outrageous claims will we make now? The Alliance has been setting the stage for this disclosure for some time. Some of these revelations are going to be absolutely devastating to the citizens. Public figures who were once respected will become toxic to anyone who was ever associated with them. There will be disgust, mourning, and rage. The Alliance is prepared for this and has been pursuing a “soft disclosure” policy as we outlined in Issue #005. First you get a story about Harvey Weinstein preying on aspiring actresses. A month later you get a story about Kevin Spacey abusing minors. Then perhaps several months later you get a story like this:

“So what?” our dear readers might say, “it’s just one pervert whack-job in upstate New York, what does that have to do with anything?” Turns out that Mr. Raniere is not just any random pervert. His “followers” are also closely intertwined with… you guessed it… the Clintons! (Hillary’s $30,000 fans are her ‘cult’ following – NYpost, October 1, 2007) Some of Mr. Raniere’s victims/slaves sat on the board of the Clinton Global Initiative.

But wait, there’s more! Mr. Raniere convinced/forced Seagram’s heiress Clare Bronfman to place a “keylogger” device on her father’s computer. Her father happens to be Edgar Bronfman, the richest man in Canada. This gave Raniere access to every e-mail Edgar Bronfman sent, including to Hillary Clinton and Senator Chuck Schumer. (NXIVM hacked billionaire’s e-mails with Hillary Clinton, world leaders –Albany Times Union, October 19, 2015)

Suffice it to say, OSI:DI expects more major disclosures on the pedophilia/secret society front in the coming weeks and months. On a related note it is rumored that Steve Scalise is slated to replace Paul Ryan as Speaker of the House of Representatives. And just who is Steve Scalise and what are his priorities? Let us refresh your memory with another excerpt from our first issue:

On June 5, 2017 Representative Steve Scalise introduced H.R. 1761: Protecting Against Child Exploitation Act of 2017. Scalise was gunned down and nearly killed the following week…

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