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MK-ULTRA (Issue #011)

What if we claimed that mind control and brainwashing techniques are not only possible, but they have been in use for the last 70 years? What if we claimed that elements of the U.S. government have set up an entire network of medical facilities, companies, university programs, and laboratories dedicated to testing, perfecting, and utilizing mind control techniques? What if we claimed that candidates for these programs were often selected directly from the public school system, based on a pupil’s standardized test scores? We would most certainly lose our credibility. We would undoubtedly be called far-right-wing or conspiracy-theorists or whatever other trigger word is in widespread use at the time.

Of course, the United States government would never spend hundreds of millions of dollars on a covert program to brainwash its own citizens. That would be criminal! It would be crazy, absolutely insa… oh hey! Look at that, the Senate just declassified a 173 page document on Project MK-ULTRA:

Yes, that is the official Senate Intelligence Committee’s website. Among the revelations (or confirmations, if you are ahead of the curve) in that document:

  • The CIA dosed people in bars in New York and San Francisco with LSD (Lysergic Acid Diethylamide) without their knowledge just to observe their behavior afterward [Page 21]

  • Dr. Frank Olson, a civilian contractor working for the military at Fort Detrick, jumped to his death from a hotel window after being dosed by the CIA with LSD without his knowledge [Pages 4, 77]

  • Allen Dulles, the first civilian director of the CIA, authorized MK-ULTRA on 4/13/53 [Pages 86, 70]

  • The Army administered LSD to volunteer soldiers then confined them in isolation chambers [Page 92]

  • The CIA coordinated with specialists in hospitals and universities on 144 subprojects focusing on the control of human behavior, including chemical and electroshock methods [Page 11]

  • CIA director Richard Helms ordered the destruction of as many of the original MK-ULTRA documents as possible in January of 1973 [Page 72]

  • The CIA began a program dubbed QKHILLTOP in 1954 dedicated to studying Chinese brainwashing techniques. Most of the research occurred at Cornell University Medical School [Page 173]

  • The CIA funded the construction of additions on to existing university/hospital facilities, and went to great pains to conceal their involvement [Page 130]

  • The CIA sought to develop chemicals that would “promote illogical thinking and impulsiveness to the point where it would discredit the individual in public,” and “ substances that will enhance a subjects ability to resist brainwashing” [Page 125]

The preceding excerpts are just a small sampling of the information contained within the document. Furthermore, this document is but one of many released on the MK-ULTRA program. File them all under “Yesterday’s conspiracy theories become today’s current events.” OSI:DI would like to stress that the CIA was becoming quite successful at altering the behavior of an individual without his/her knowledge as far back as the 1950s. What are they capable of now? How closely does the CIA work with the pharmaceutical industry? Why is the pharmaceutical industry the number one sector in terms of money spent lobbying congress? Is it really a coincidence that all of these school shooters seem to be on SSRI (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor) medications? Should we be re-examining all cases of mass-violence where the perpetrator had contact with the CIA or FBI?

Recent school-shootings at Newton, Connecticut and Parkland, Florida aside, let us assume for argument’s sake that there is something more to MK-ULTRA. Let us assume that bad apples within the intelligence community have proceeded with research into mind-control methods. Further, let us assume that those bad apples have used unwitting individuals to commit all kinds of heinous acts; mass shootings, assassinations, etc. If you worked in a US intelligence agency and knew that this kind of gross abuse of power occurred, would you want to tell the public? Could you tell them everything all at once? The intelligence agencies of the world have been conducting classified research and operations for 70 years; what would happen if everything was declassified or leaked simultaneously?

Therein lies the problem. The Alliance already has all of the incriminating information on every person, company, university, and government in the world [See Issues #002, #004, and #005 for more on the Alliance – OSI:DI.] They have access to the NSA database, after all: phone call records, e-mails, texts, bank transactions, location tracking, classified documents, digitally archived research documents, pictures, videos… the raw data is all at their disposal. So what is the hold-up? The problem for the Alliance is not discovering the truth. The problem for the Alliance is getting the public to accept the truth.

“It is easier to fool a man than to convince him he has been fooled,”

- Apocryphal (often attributed to Mark Twain)

Because of the ongoing struggle between the Alliance and the Deep-State, control of the information flows (i.e. media) has become particularly important. As we have lamented numerous times, it is exceedingly difficult to find reliable sources of information. Even well intentioned sources can make errors or fall victim to disinformation campaigns. OSI:DI has found (using rolling meta-analysis as described in Issue #004) that one of the most reliable ways to get decent information is to assume the exact opposite of what CNN claims:

Conspiracy theories after mass shootings follow a familiar thread and the Florida school shooting is no exception. They originate in the dark corners of the internet -- often from the 4chan "politically incorrect" board (abbreviated as /pol/) -- and migrate onto social media platforms like Twitter, YouTube and Facebook from conservative pages, alt-right personalities, nationalist blogs and far-right pundits.

What drives hoaxes and conspiracy theorists is unclear. But their faith in the conspiracies they spread seems to be unwavering. Less than an hour after the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland on February 14, Twitter accounts were claiming that eyewitnesses were "crisis actors." The term refers to people who are paid to play disaster victims in emergency drills. More recently, though, the phrase has been co-opted by conspiracy theorists who claim mass shootings are events staged to achieve a political goal.

OSI:DI likes to remind our readers that CNN claimed repeatedly that anyone implying the Trump campaign was wiretapped was a conspiracy theorist. We know how that turned out. We remind our readers because, as humans, we often have short memories. In light of an awful track record at correctly identifying hoaxes and conspiracies, CNN’s latest claim of “conspiracy” deserves more scrutiny than usual. OSI:DI would suggest that CNN is not wrong so often because they are bad journalists. CNN is wrong intentionally because they effectively function as the disinformation arm of corrupt elements in the intelligence agencies of this country. If CNN’s goal is disinformation then they should be regarded simultaneously as extremely competent and extremely dangerous. With that in mind, OSI:DI would like to theorize on how CNN is conspiring to misinform the public with the preceding article:

  • CNN wants you to know that anyone questioning the official narrative of the Florida school shooting will now be labeled a conspiracy theorist and any data-points which emerge that directly contradict this story will fall under the label of conspiracy theory

  • CNN wants you to know that if you dig too deeply into this story, you will fall under the conservative/alt-right/nationalist/far right category. CNN will continue to do what it can to associate this category with the “Nazi” category and the “Russian Bot” category as well

  • UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES should you ever research alleged crisis actors (Such as “Robbie Parker” of Sandy Hook fame)

  • CNN wants you to know that mass shootings are never staged for political goals, even though CNN always attaches a political goal to every mass shooting

In light of revelations about previously classified brain-washing programs, the over-prescription of psychosis-inducing pharmaceuticals to children, and a media that serves at the feet of the Deep-State, OSI:DI has only one question: do our tinfoil hats actually work?

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