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Check Mate, Deep State (ISSUE #008)

If someone asked you “What is the biggest news story of 2018 so far?” and you answered that the biggest story was President Trump allegedly calling Haiti a ‘shithole,’ then you might want to reassess your grasp of current events. You are living through the absolute climax of human history for crying out loud! Focus on what matters! “Well how do I know what matters?” you might ask. Chances are, if CNN is ignoring it or calling it a ‘conspiracy theory,’ it is probably very important. And while the amount of data available to John and Jane Q. Citizen is greater than at any other point in history, absorbing all the data is simply impossible. That being said, here are three people OSI:DI recommends watching; Elon Musk, Julian Assange, and Michael Horowitz.

Michael E. Horowitz is the Inspector General of the U.S. Department of Justice, and he has been investigating the handling of the Hillary Clinton e-mail probe. Horowitz is set to release the first of his findings, and release the rest by March or April. Clinton’s illegal activities and the willingness of people like former FBI director James Comey and former Attorney General Loretta Lynch to cover for her is quite obvious after even minimal amounts of research. Their criminal behavior spans decades, though few have had the cojones to go after the Clinton Syndicate: long is the list of people who have turned up dead after becoming a problem for the Clintons (See: The Clinton Body Count)

While the Mockingbird Media has been focusing solely on the investigation into non-existent collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia, several other investigations have made dramatic strides in recent weeks. There is Michael Horowitz’ investigation of course, but there is also the investigation in to UraniumOne. Hillary Clinton’s State Department oversaw the approval of the sale of a Canadian company (UraniumOne) to ROSATOM, Russia’s state-owned nuclear corporation. The deal was completed in June of 2010 at a time when the Clinton Foundation was receiving large donations from many people involved in said deal, and Bill Clinton was paid $500,000 for a speech in Moscow just three weeks later (Cash Flowed to Clinton Foundation Amid Russian Uranium Deal – The New York Times, April 23, 2015.) OSI:DI recommends reading Peter Schweizer’s Clinton Cash or following the detailed work of Charles Ortel for more on the illicit practices of the Clinton Syndicate.

[Bill Clinton during his June 2010 speech in Moscow]

Make no mistake, when all the information regarding the UraniumOne deal is brought to light, heads are going to roll. Even more heads are going to roll when it becomes public that Julian Assange may have cashed in his life insurance policy in exchange for his freedom. When Julian Assange founded the whistleblower/news organization Wikileaks in 2006, he probably could not have foreseen that he would end up trapped inside the Ecuadorian embassy in London for five years as the result of his work. During Wikileaks’ twelve years of existence, they have never once published a document that was inaccurate, forged, or otherwise unverifiable. It is an astonishing track record, and this has made Mr. Assange the most feared “non-state actor” in world history. The Western Deep-State has done everything possible to kill or silence Assange. Hillary Clinton herself suggested in 2010 “Can’t we just drone this guy?” In 2012, he was forced to seek asylum in the Ecuadorian embassy in London where he resides to this day… or does he?

Dana Rohrabacher, a Republican representative from California, flew to London in August to meet with Julian Assange. Rohrabacher later issued a press release stating that Assange told him repeatedly that Russia was not the source of the Democratic National Committee e-mail leak (Rohrabacher wants to brief Trump on Assange meeting – CNN August 17, 2017.) Those of us who have been paying attention have known since July of 2016 that the DNC e-mail leak was not the result of Russian hacking, nor of hacking at all: it was DNC I.T. staffer Seth Rich. Rich downloaded the DNC files onto a flash drive and then uploaded those files to KimDotCom’s file sharing site Mega.Nz. KimDotCom himself then transferred the files to Wikileaks, who published them to the DNC’s great dismay. Unfortunately, Seth Rich’s heroic effort to expose corruption on behalf of his country cost him his life, as he was gunned down in Washington D.C. shortly after the publication of the files.

Now it appears the Julian Assange has saved a key tranche of files as an insurance policy against his own assassination and is willing to trade them to the Trump administration in exchange for his freedom and/or amnesty. On December 31, 2017, Assange tweeted an encryption key as well as a link to music video which contained lyrics such as “if you catch me at the border I have visas in my name,” and “I’ve got more files than the KGB.” The encryption key is likely a “dead-man’s switch,” meaning if Assange is killed or captured the encryption key would unlock certain files. On January 11, 2018, Ecuador granted Julian Assange citizenship and diplomatic immunity, providing Assange partial cover if he were to leave his confinement in the Ecuadorian embassy. Sources have suggested that Assange may already be in Switzerland, and that Trump's decision to cancel his London trip and schedule a visit to Davos, Switzerland is partly related to Mr. Assange. Many have speculated that Assange is offering the Trump administration definitive proof of the source of the DNC e-mails in exchange for his freedom and asylum in the United States.

Elon Musk has been one of a handful of figures who have defied classification as far as OSI:DI is concerned. On the one hand, we have sources that say Elon Musk is a Deep-State crony; a defense contractor who leeches enormous subsidies from the U.S. taxpayers and uses that money to monopolize industries and control the release of classified technologies. On the other hand, we have sources who suggest that Elon Musk is, despite his South African upbringing, an American patriot; an entrepreneurial genius who has made his space exploration company (SpaceX) available to ‘white-hats’ in the defense community since NASA is unable or unwilling to assist the Alliance. This writer admits more information is needed before attempting to pin down Musk’s allegiances.

That being said, on January 7, SpaceX launched a highly classified payload (code named “Zuma”) into orbit aboard one of its Falcon 9 rockets. Initially called a success, conflicting reports soon emerged claiming that although the rockets functioned normally, the payload (Zuma) did not and fell into the Indian Ocean (Fate of secret satellite a mystery amid reports of failure – CBS News, January 9, 2018) SpaceX maintained officially that the rocket performed as intended, but said nothing of the payload on account of Zuma’s classified nature. The Shadow War is in full swing and it can be a daunting task to separate the truth from the disinformation [See Issue #006 for more on the Shadow War – OSI:DI.] Despite the claims made by the media, this writer is highly confident that the Zuma payload successfully reached orbit. How can we be so sure? Well, NORAD (North American Aerospace Defense Command) gave the object a catalog number:

2018-001A 43098 USA 280 (Zuma)

No need to track an orbiting object if it crashed in the Indian Ocean, right? So, if Elon Musk’s Falcon 9 delivered this object into space, what is its purpose? Well, that would depend on who specifically in our government Mr. Musk is working for. Is Zuma an EMP weapon placed in stationary orbit above North Korea? Is Zuma a directed energy weapon or MASER that can target the guidance systems of enemy ICBMs? There was an “incoming missile” alert issued to residents of Hawaii on January 13 that caused widespread panic. Is it possible that there was in fact an incoming intercontinental ballistic missile (launched from a submarine) and the Zuma satellite somehow disabled it? Or, more darkly, was the Zuma satellite itself a nuclear payload that triggered the alert as part of a Deep-State effort to frame North Korea for a nuclear attack and force Trump to retaliate? With Elon Musk set to place another payload into orbit aboard a larger Falcon Heavy rocket, we would be wise to pay attention to this launch as well…

[Falcon 9 carrying Zuma (top,) emergency alert issued to residents of Hawaii (bottom)]

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