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Uprisings (Issue #026)

2018 will be remembered by historians as the year that the world-wide revolution against globalism changed from a rumor into a reality. And not a moment too soon! Globalism was sold to the citizens of varying countries as a cure-all for the ills of an imperfect world. Poverty could be eliminated, disease could be eradicated, climate change mitigated, and happiness could be ensured for all… if only the people would give up their national identities, turn in their weapons, and give control over all the worlds infrastructure and institutions to a small unelected group of elite bankers and bureaucrats. What could possibly go wrong?

Throughout Europe (and sporadically in Canada and New Zealand) Gilet Jaunes (yellow vest) protestors have rocked globalist regimes to their cores. French President Emmanuel Macron is reeling, teetering between making trivial concessions to the French people and imposing a full-fledged authoritarian police state. Fortunately, like the Americans, the French have revolution in their blood. Perhaps the French were wise enough to see the ‘carbon-fuel tax’ for what it really was; yet another way for globalists to pilfer the pockets of the citizens under the banner of environmentalism. OSI:DI foresaw the demise of the French ‘old guard’ more than seven months ago:

“Concurrently with Iranian regime change, we can expect moves to be made by the Alliance against the German and French governments, both of which are completely beholden to globalist interests. With German and French liberation will likely come the demise of the European Union, and good riddance to that unelected, bureaucratic tyranny!” –OSI:DI Issue #016, May 13, 2018

OSI:DI transmitted some intel one month later confirming this trend:

“Major moves being made against European/Canadian cabal figureheads (Merkel, Macron, May, Trudeau etc.) Italian liberation caught cabal flatfooted, along with Tommy Robinson affair in UK…attempts to negate Brexit will fail… Merkel and May out. Bilderberg 2018 attendees admit Trump-style nationalism is ascendant and irreversible in Europe” – OSI:DI Issue #018, June 17, 2018

Lo and Behold, in recent weeks Theresa May has announced she is not seeking re-election after getting crushed in the public spotlight by her mishandling of the Brexit negotiations (Zombie Theresa May stumbles through no confidence vote, but how long until she finally falls? – The Sun, December 12, 2018.) Likewise, Angela Merkel has lost the confidence of her allies and the German people (Merkel’s party votes for a new leader, and new era in Germany – The StraitsTimes, December 7, 2018.)

No matter what the controlled-media would like you to believe, know that Merkel, May, and Macron are being ousted for the same reason: they have betrayed their people and their nations in favor of the globalist cabal’s agenda. And the people are rising up:

We in America should take a moment to count our blessings. Alongside the nationalist, pro-sovereignty regimes of Italy, the Philippines, Hungary, Austria, Poland, and several other countries, the United States has gotten a two-year head start in preparing for the post-globalist world order. We don’t need an uprising like France. President Trump is an effective representative of the populist movement in America. And while the elitist, globalist leaders mocked Trump as a buffoon, Trump and his allies were busy doing their best to bring our manufacturing capacity back, lower our taxes, achieve energy independence, rebuild our military, renegotiate our trade deals, and secure our borders. Meanwhile Trump’s most vocal critics were fighting… climate change [Just in time for the grand solar minimum, set to chill the Earth for decades – OSI:DI.]

Oh, and while he was at it, President Trump and the patriots in military intelligence found some extra time to begin ridding the United States of an entrenched treasonous oligarchy which has been bleeding America dry since, say, November 22, 1963. For example, the Clinton Foundation has re-entered the headlines due to several whistleblowers coming forth and testifying. Essentially, these whistleblowers confirm what everyone already knew; the Clinton Foundation is nothing but a money-laundering, influence selling for-profit business masquerading as a charity. These whistleblowers have tried to come forth on three other separate occasions but were stonewalled by a deep-state controlled justice department. This time, the Department of Justice is under new management, and their complaints are being entered into the record.

OSI:DI believes the crimes of the Clinton Foundation are much greater than mere money-laundering.Just ask Laura Silsby (The Clinton/Silsby trafficking scandal and how the media tried to ignore/cover it up –Zero Hedge – January 25, 2017.) The ‘Alliance’ against the deep-state will not fully tip their hand until all of the legal ducks are in a row. Michael Flynn, as suggested ten months ago in OSI:DI Issue #010, looks set to avoid jail time. The fate of others, such as James Comey, Loretta Lynch, Rod Rosenstein, Bruch Ohr, Nellie Ohr, Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, John Brennan, and Adam Schiff is not as optimistic.

For over a year this newsletter has been pointing out that patriotic factions within the DIA, DOJ, NSA,and Military have been planning the take down of many high-ranking traitors inside the United States government. We have pointed out that President Trump has signed three critical executive orders pertaining to the use of civilian resources for military courts. All three take effect January 1, 2019. We have pointed out that despite the vast amount of attention received by Bob Mueller’s Russia investigation, a number of far larger investigations have been underway, racking up tens of thousands of sealed indictments. We have weathered the criticisms and the doubts, confident in our assessment formed over our first seven issues last year:

“Rest assured if we do end up having military tribunals for the criminal elite, the media will most certainly attempt to frame the trials as “Trump is a fascist jailing his opponents.” Just remember, it was the Clintons, McCains, and Bushes of the world who attempted to sabotage a legitimately elected president by rigging an election and fabricating evidence to justify a special investigation. If you thought 2017 was shocking, you have not seen anything yet. Happy New Year, America” – OSI:DI Issue #007, December 30, 2017

Do you believe President Trump is a Russian Puppet on the verge of being impeached? Or do you believe President Trump is patriot, bearing the slings and arrows of the fake-news, while the NSA and DOJ work to bring real justice to the United States? You are going to find out. One by one, the ‘conspiracy theories’about the Washington D.C. swamp are becoming realities, and Trump himself has begun confirming that justice was the ‘plan’ all along:

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