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Brave New World (Issue #025)

It has been an incredible couple of weeks, my fellow Americans. And while most recently our screens have been filled with the apocalyptic images of massive wildfires in California, a political conflagration has engulfed the nation simultaneously. The midterm elections seemed like a wash, with Republicans gaining seats in the Senate (extremely rare) and the Democrats gaining control of the house (the expected result via But it didn’t take long before evidence of foul play started mounting.

Democratic Party officials in Arizona, Georgia, California, and Florida started ‘discovering’ boxes of ballots (Florida Election results latest: updates and timeline for Governor, Senate races as lawsuits, voter fraud allegations fly – Newsweek, November 9, 2018.) And what do you know? Most of those ballots were for Democratic candidates! If all of the election shenanigans were an attempt to steal key elections, then it seems like the Democrats forgot about Trump’s executive order from May of last year (Trump signs executive order launching voter fraud commission – FoxNewsv - May 11, 2017.) Without non-citizen votes, voting multiple times, pre-filling ballots, submitting duplicate ballots, destroying opposing ballots, and casting ballots for the elderly or deceased without their permission, it is unlikely that the Democrats would win many of the races they did.

Unfortunately, this type of corrupt ‘electioneering’ has been commonplace in America for a long time, but perhaps now we have an executive and judiciary that is willing to do something about it. Thus, it seems like many officials in Broward County, Florida may have been given enough to rope to hang themselves. In fact, Broward County Election Supervisor Brenda Snipes ‘resigned’ [Read: ‘took the deal’ – OSI:DI] this week (Brenda Snipes Resigns – Breitbart, November 18, 2018) Speaking of Broward County, it’s of interest that the following notorious individuals all resided in this infamous county:

As soon as the midterms were complete, President Trump wasted no time replacing Attorney General Jeff Sessions (will he be testifying in future trials?) His replacement, Matthew Whittaker, has been fiercely critical of the Mueller probe, and has said he would indict Hillary Clinton (Acting AG Whitaker believed there was a ‘strong case’ against Hillary Clinton, had said ‘would indict’ her – BizPacReview – November 8, 2018) Interesting turn of events considering it was just revealed that Trump pushed for the prosecution of Hillary Clinton (and James Comey) back in April (Trump wanted Justice Department to prosecute Comey and Clinton – The New York Times, November 20, 2018.)

As we pointed out in Issue #023, Andrew McCabe had a grand jury empaneled against him secretly in March. Considering he worked for James Comey, Comey indeed has something to worry about. And considering Comey has been operating as a Clinton ‘fixer’ for three decades, Clinton may have something to worry about as well. How many other Deep-State operatives have grand juries empaneled against them? We have been privy to the running count of sealed federal indictments and we are approaching 60,000 sealed indictments since Mueller began his investigation 18 months ago. To put this in perspective, a typical year yields 1,500-2,000 sealed indictments. The claim of such a large number of pending indictments was (naturally) ridiculed as a conspiracy theory for over a year. Until of course it turned out to be true:

Now, for the time being, the Deep-State-aligned press is hoping that these 60,000 indictments are for Trump and his associates, but the reality is Trump’s campaign staff was approximately 90 individuals, and his cabinet and senior staff is several hundred. This leaves 59,000 indictments unaccounted for. And while we are on the subject of potential indictments, did we mention Hillary Clinton has been recalled to testify under oath regarding her e-mail use? (Court rules Hillary must answer more questions about her e-mails – Washington Examiner, November 14, 2018.) Perhaps that is why the Deep-State Media has been focusing on Ivanka Trump’s emails lately…

For those patriots out there who are impatient and want to see the traitors within the government face justice immediately, OSI:DI would like to remind you that ‘Draining the Swamp’ is more like defusing a bomb. Each move by the Alliance has to be made in the correct order, and all counter-moves have to be countered in order to ensure the safety of the American public and the world. Moving too quickly would destabilize the society, perhaps irrecoverably; a situation China would most certainly take advantage of. Time had to be granted to allow for the geo-political situation to stabilize as well (think Syria, North Korea, and Iran.) The Deep-State is international, and the imminent disclosures coming from the now-sovereign U.S. Constitutional Republic are going to destabilize regimes in England, Australia, Germany, Israel, and elsewhere (MI6 scrambling to stop Trump from releasing classified docs in Russia probe – Zerohedge, November 24, 2018.)

However, it is eminently clear that things have picked up pace. The following is a summary of recent developments:

  • Former Attorney General Loretta Lynch has been called to testify about both Hillary Clinton’s e-mail investigation and the origins of the ‘Russia-probe’ into the Trump campaign/administration

  • Former FBI director James Comey has also been called to testify, a call he is resisting. His lawyers would like his testimony to be public so the committee would not be able to ask about classified information (James Comey and Loretta Lynch subpoenaed to testify – CBS News, November 22, 2018)

  • John Huber, a US attorney nominated for Trump is also scheduled to testify before congress on the progress of his investigation into ‘the agents and operatives assigned to the Clinton e-mail/uranium and Trump/Russia investigations’ (US Attorney for Utah is investigating GOP-raised concerns about FBI surveilling Trump aide and ignoring Clinton uranium ties, Salt Lake Tribune, March 30, 2018.) His testimony is due on December 5, just days after two other key players in the affair (Comey and Lynch) are scheduled to testify

  • An attempt on Trump’s life was scheduled for Paris on November 11. The plot was foiled by the United States Secret Service and Military intelligence. The media smoothed the plot over by claiming the target was French President Emmanuel Macron. Trump never reached the kill zone and deep-state insiders raked him over the coals for canceling his trip to the World War I centennial because of the ‘rain’

  • Trump has ordered the military to the southern border to install razor-wire at border crossings, going so far as to completely shut down the San Diego-Tijuana crossing point, the highest volume crossing. Is this move simply to keep migrants out? Or is it to allow for the border to be quickly sealed in the event of a declaration of martial law during arrests?

  • The United States Military has secured the airport in Haiti. For those involved with the Clinton Foundation in Haiti, this is not a good sign

  • U.S. Representative Trey Gowdy, Represenative Bob Goodlatte, and Former Attorney General Jeff Sessions will all likely have key roles in the upcoming ‘hardening’ of the judiciary branch against corruption. The Republicans sacrificed the House of Representatives (the investigative body) in favor of gaining a strong control of the Senate (the prosecutorial body.) The close of 2018 will be a unique chapter in American history if the outgoing GOP majority in the House refers all their investigations to the incoming GOP majority in the Senate for the 2019 session…

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