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The Stage is Set (Issue #023)

What a month it has been! The all-important midterm elections are fast approaching, and if you think the last 30 days were chaotic, just wait. The difference between the two months prior to the 2016 Presidential Election and the 2018 Midterm Elections? In 2016, the Deep-State treated Trump as a joke. In 2018, they aren’t laughing anymore. The first eighteen months of the Trump Presidency was a behind the scenes chess game between corrupt bureaucrats, intelligence operatives, politicians, and media personalities (the Deep-State) and an patriotic group within the ranks of government and the military led by Trump (the Alliance) [See Issues #002, #004, and #012 for more on the Alliance – OSI:DI.] Prior to the last few weeks, most of this ‘civil war/coup’ was conducted behind smoke and mirrors so as not to trigger civil unrest.

However as the Deep-State loses control, civil unrest (whether organic or funded by George Soros Incorporated) is certainly in the cards. In fact, the primary purpose of this newsletter since our inception in October of 2017, has been to keep the public as informed as possible to avoid confusion, panic, and ‘friendly fire’ during the Great Awakening [See Issues #009 and #015 for more on the Great Awakening – OSI:DI] We aim to inform our readers so they will have most of the puzzle already solved when the majority of the public begins to awaken from their mainstream media stupor. Fortunately dear reader, OSI:DI has been preparing you for 12 months now, and we invite you to reread the following passage from our fourth issue, published in December of 2017:

The timing and order of the leaks was likely planned in accordance with a “soft disclosure” policy followed by the Alliance. There seems to be general agreement amongst OSI:DI’s first and second-hand sources that an immediate full declassification of all known information would devastate the nation. Just imagine the repercussions if NSA Director Rogers appeared on National Television and said “George H.W. Bush helped orchestrate 9/11, the Clinton Foundation harvested organs from Haiti, John McCain was the program director for ISIS, we already have an operational Moon-base, and by the way a large number of your current and former elected officials are engaged in what the FBI terms the ‘serial ritual abuse’ of children.” Chaos would reign, if the public even believed the claims to begin with. So what is the solution? How do you free 320 million people from 60-plus years of constant disinformation and programming perpetrated by the fiendishly innovative CIA? Baby steps. You give them bread crumbs… - OSI:DI Issue #005, December 6, 2017

Before the disclosure process could begin, the stage had to be set. Agencies and departments needed to be purged, assets and operatives needed to be vetted, loyal patriots needed to be placed in key positions, world leaders needed to be given a heads-up, and geopolitical hotspots needed to be addressed [Think Syria, North Korea, Saudi Arabia, and Iran – OSI:DI.] Now, as of September 17, the stage-setting is complete, and the President has officially pushed the snowball down the hill by beginning the public disclosures (Trump Orders Justice Department to Declassify Russia-Related Material – Washington Post, September 17, 2018.)

The biggest advantage Trump and the Alliance have is the truth. Because Trump did not collude with Russia, because he isn’t controlled by special interests, because he is not being blackmailed, and because he is a patriotic American, Trump will be completely insulated from the fall-out of declassifications. However, power players in the Deep-State will be devastated by the disclosure process.

The damage won’t be limited to the United States, either. Specifically, the declassification of the FISA documentation will reveal that intelligence operatives in Britain’s MI6 and the Australia’s ONA participated in planning, supporting, and executing the ‘soft coup’ attempt against President Trump immediately following the 2016 election. For instance, it was through MI6 operative Christopher Steele that the public was softened to the idea of Trump-Russia collusion via the ‘Steele Dossier,’ a collection of misinformation compiled by Steele with the help of the CIA and a few Russian oligarchs.

[CNN spearheading the CIA’s public narrative justifying the ‘soft-coup’ prior to inauguration]

As members of the ‘Five Eyes’ intelligence alliance, Australia and Britain were utilized by the Obama administration to conduct surveillance on American citizens; surveillance that the CIA is not authorized to conduct. One of those citizens happened to be candidate and then President-Elect Trump. Information was also gathered through a ‘rubber stamp’ Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC) hearing. The Obama administration’s FBI obtained a Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) warrant to surveil Carter Page and other members of Trump’s campaign and transition team.

Unfortunately for the Deep-State, the grounds on which these FISA warrants were based are fraudulent, and all the signatories of the warrant knew this. This is a federal crime. Who are those signatories? James Comey, Sally Yates, Andrew McCabe, and Rod Rosenstein. The first public casualty of this process appears to be Rod Rosenstein, even though it was confirmed this month that Andrew McCabe has had a federal grand jury empaneled against him secretly… in March (Prosecutors Use Grand Jury as Investigation of McCabe Intensifies – Washington Post, September 6, 2018.) Think about that; Trump and the Alliance have been officially pursuing prosecution against these Deep State players since at least March. I guess we know what Inspector General Horowitz, US Attorney John Huber, and Attorney General Jeff Sessions have been up to…

“There is no honor among thieves,” as the saying goes, and indeed there is evidence now that the formerly unified corrupt members of the DOJ and FBI are turning on each other. For example, Andrew McCabe is being fingered as the individual responsible for leaking the damaging story about Rosenstein to the New York Times (McCabe Memos Say Rosenstein Considered Secretly Recording Trump – Washington Post, September 21, 2018.) Some have speculated that this may been an attempt to get Trump to fire Rosenstein, thus cross the ‘red line’ set by the Deep-State (Firing Rosenstein Would Cross a Red Line for the Rule of Law – CNN, April 11, 2018.)

Do you think this is a conspiracy theory? Well here is the call-to-riot plan issued by Soros funded NGO calling for mass protests nationwide if either Mueller or Rosenstein is fired: Mueller Firing Rapid Response: The Plan, Rest assured that whatever happens prior to the midterms, it is going to be unprecedented in American (or world) history. Hell, look at how vicious the Supreme Court confirmation has been, and we are still over 40 days away from the elections!

Why is the Deep-State throwing everything they have at Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh? Because control over the Supreme Court is the final item on the Alliance’s ‘to-do’ list before pulling the trigger. If the Deep-State doesn’t retain a controlling stake in the Supreme Court, and doesn’t attain a majority in the House of Representatives, they will be powerless to stop the Alliance from beginning full-scale prosecutions of traitors within the U.S. Government. Perhaps the biggest story to come out of the Kavanaugh hearings was this exchange between newly-liberated Senator Lindsey Graham and Brett Kavanaugh about the circumstances under which a U.S. citizen can be tried under the Law of Armed Conflict (Military Law): (Video Link)

OSI:DI would like to remind our readers that we have been warning about these upcoming prosecutions and the potential of seeing Military Tribunals against the Deep-State for some time:

“Trump signed an executive order in December allowing prosecution of individuals aiding foreigners who commit human rights abuses (read: human trafficking.) Trump signed an executive order in January authorizing the funding and expansion of the detention facility at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. Trump signed an executive order in February amending the Uniform Code of Military Justice to allow civilian prosecutors to participate and expanding eligibility for court martial. 1 + 1 + 1 = courts martial for the cabal” – OSI:DI Issue #012, March 11, 2017

The stage has been set. Once the Supreme Court is in the Alliance’s control the declassifications can begin. The military and the National Guard will be on alert during this time period, as there is a significant chance that the Deep-State will “flip the table” once they run out of options. OSI:DI has heard rumors of plans for airport closures to prevent escapes, temporary take-downs of social-media platforms, and use of the Emergency Broadcast System to keep the public informed during the final stages. In the next 40 days, the only certainty is uncertainty, and many people will have difficulties as some of their most fundamental beliefs about media and government are challenged. So, OSI:DI would like to remind our readers what our purpose is: to keep you informed so that you can assist others in understanding the historic events about to transpire in the United States. It’s a time to be patient with others; to strive for unity… we are ONE nation under God!

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