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The Rule of Law (Issue #021)

We are nearing the most important election in American history. Never have the stakes been higher. The Deep-State failed to keep Trump out of office, they failed to assassinate him, and are finding it harder and harder to portray him as a failure. Retaking the House of Representatives in order to begin impeachment proceedings is the last chance to remove Donald Trump from office and crush the Great Awakening [See Issues #009, #015, and #019 for more on the Great Awakening – OSI:DI.] Unfortunately for the criminals in the Deep-State and the rabid mobs of Trump-haters, that is not going to happen.

Although the Mockingbird Media went into overdrive, calling the previous week “Trump’s worst week ever,” (Trump’s Hell Week: Fear and Fury – Axios, August 24, 2018) they are either being naïve or deceptive. While the American viewing public is used to a sensationalist, 24-hour news cycle, President Trump and his allies (now well positioned throughout the Federal Government) have been playing a longer game. The corrupt individuals in the FBI, in the DOJ, in the Senate, House, and Media have been foaming at the mouth claiming that Trump is done (which we have been hearing since June of 2015, after Trump’s first campaign speech.) Here are a few key questions that Trump’s opponents may have failed to take into consideration:

  • Trump has been tweeting criticisms of Attorney General Jeff Sessions for months now, and the tweeting has intensified this week in the wake of the Cohen/Manafort legal troubles. But is Trump really disappointed with Sessions performance? Or are they setting the stage so that the Department of Justice appears impartial for upcoming prosecutions of Clinton Syndicate members or corrupt members of government? (Report: Jeff Sessions, Trump Working Together Amicably Despite Public Feud – Breitbart, August 24, 2018)

  • When Trump pressures Sessions to re-open the Clinton e-mail probe etc., Sessions simply responds that he won’t be “Improperly influenced by Politics.” (Sessions Fires Back at Trump’s Latest Slam – FoxNews, August 24, 2018) Are these stories are going to serve to rally the media and leftists to Session’s defense, just in time for the hammer to drop on the Deep-State?

  • Why Paul Manafort? Few people remember that at the same time Robert Mueller was ensnaring Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort in his ‘Russian collusion probe,’ another high ranking operative was under legal fire: Tony Podesta. Tony Podesta, in addition to being a high-powered lobbyist for Saudi, Russian, and Ukrainian oligarchs, also happens to be the brother of John Podesta, Bill Clinton’s former chief of staff and Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager. Manafort was convicted of a tax crime that is years old, and had nothing to do with the initial scope of the Russia probe. Is this how Trump and his allies set the precedent for prosecuting Podesta and others, saying in essence that all crimes and all people are fair game? (Manafort, Podesta Group Highlight DC Swamp Culture – The Hill, October 31, 2017)

  • Why Michael Cohen? Michael Cohen was one of Trump’s personal attorneys. Cohen’s office in Trump Tower was raided as the result of a referral by Special Counsel Robert Mueller (FBI Raids Office of Trump’s Longtime Lawyer Michael Cohen; Trump Calls it Disgraceful – New York Times, April 9, 2018.) According to the media, this violation of attorney client privilege made Trump furious. Of course when Trump says “zig” the media immediately “zags,” and the talking heads in the press went into overdrive, consulting legal experts to go on and on about how raiding a lawyer’s office is done legally (What About Attorney Client Privilege? How the FBI Can Obtain a Warrant for Cohen’s Office – USA Today, April 9, 2018.) Could this be more preparation for prosecutions amongst members of Deep-State aligned law firms such as Perkins Coie? [Perkins Coie is the law firm through which the payments for the “Steele Dossier” were funneled – OSI:DI]

  • And what about Cohen’s Attorney Lanny Davis? Davis caused quite a stir by claiming that Cohen had information that President Trump was aware of a meeting between Donald Trump Jr. and Russian lawyer Natalya Veselnitskaya. Though this in and of itself was not illegal, the media is desperate to shine a light on any connections between Trump and Russia, real or imagined. Davis’ claim was no exception as it spread like wildfire through the media. Davis was forced to walk back many of his claims after Cohen did not corroborate the allegations (Lanny Davis Admits Being Source for CNN Trump Tower “Bombshell” Fake News – Zerohedge, August 28, 2018.) Who exactly is Lanny Davis working for?

Time shall tell the tale, but this writer is confident in OSI:DI’s rolling meta-analysis first outlined in Issue #004. By comparing the predictive value of different narratives, we are able to accurately assess their validity. At OSI:DI, we start with broader narratives and assess, trim, and hone them based on their predictive ability. For instance, in Issue #007 we foreshadowed this issue:

“The public has been kept in the dark largely because the flow of information is restricted via the intelligence agencies control of the corporate media. Additionally, the leadership of tech giants like Amazon, Google, Facebook, and Microsoft are fully complicit in the Deep-state racket and assist in restricting information flows,” -OSI:DI Issue #007, December 30, 2017

In Issue #013 we more directly and precisely confirmed this narrative, pointing out that the Deep-State would most certainly attempt to sway the mid-term results:

“Part of the deep-state plan to secure a massive victory in the midterms was to rely on the ability of CIA-backed tech companies to censor and sway public opinion using sophisticated algorithms whose ability to manipulate human opinions increases every quarter. OSI:DI first began covering the Alliance counter-attack on big-tech in December of 2017 [See Issue #007 – OSI:DI.] With Eric Schmidt of Google resigning, Microsoft being split into two divisions, Facebook facing a boycott and plunging stock prices, and Amazon in the crosshairs of the President’s Twitter-cannon, it looks like the Alliance offensive against big-tech is going according to plan,” - OSI:DI Issue #013, March 31, 2018

This offensive against the “Big-Tech”/Media/Intelligence Agency axis re-entered the headlines in dramatic fashion this week:

As we approach the crucial midterms, we can expect Trump to give more and more overt and direct confirmations of the plans and the accomplishments of the “Alliance” [See Issues #002, #004, and #012 for more on the Alliance – OSI:DI.] (Trump: Facebook, Twitter, Google ‘Treading on Very Troubled Territory and Have to be Careful’ – CNBC, August 28, 2018) These statements by the President and people close to him are part of the disclosure process we often refer to as the Great Awakening, which has been accelerating dramatically. Many other major events in the past several weeks highlight this acceleration:

  • The Pope is facing calls for resignation after evidence of cover-ups relating to the abuse of children

  • Attempts to exacerbate war in Syria failing, despite US/Russian warnings of chemical attacks

  • Iran’s Hassan Rouhani facing pressure as Iranian regime-change plans push ahead

  • Italy continuing to resist EU tyranny and as anti-migrant riots erupt in France and Germany, and anti-migrant political parties make gains in Sweden

  • We learned the Chinese government had unfettered access to ALL of Secretary Clinton’s e-mails, probably including the 30,000 e-mails Clinton attempt to delete (China Hacked Clinton’s Private Email Server: Daily Caller – Zerohedge, August 28, 2018.) Was she actually hacked? Or was she selling classified information? It is highly likely that every competent intelligence agency has copies of these e-mails. One can only guess what criminality is exposed in these “missing” e-mails, but this writer would bet that Trump and Alliance are fully aware…

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