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How the West Was Won (Issue #020)

Are you enjoying the show America? What has transpired in the past month has truly been revolutionary. We can start by pointing out that the Trump/Putin summit in Helsinki, Finland was a raging success. How can we be so sure? Well, the Mockingbird Media was comparing the summit to Kristallnacht, 9/11, and Pearl Harbor (This MSNBC Contributor Cited 9/11, Pearl Harbor, and Kristallnacht to Assess Trump-Putin Summit – The Wrap, July 17, 2018.) From this hyperbolic overreaction we can safely infer that the Deep-State/Military Industrial Complex was dealt a devastating blow.

Trump is proving himself to be the most pro-peace president in modern American history. Recall that during the 2016 presidential campaign the consensus was that a Trump victory would most certainly end in World War III (Donald Trump’s Recipe for World War 3 – The Huffington Post, March 23, 2016.) Those who had enough foresight and level-headedness on the other hand, could see that Trump had the potential to do what other candidates could not. He was unconstrained by donors, lobbyists, and a political track record. He also did not need or want the approval of the Media.

Trump’s opponents are shocked by his “recklessness,” “instability,” and “unpredictability.” What the nay-sayers don’t grasp is that our previous four presidents were little more than puppets and script-readers. Trump, conversely, is an actual leader answering only to the American citizenry. He is the CEO of the United States, and one can almost picture the signs plastered on the White House gate, the southern border, and on our embassies the world over:


In our previous issue, we called attention to one of our anonymous primary sources, the now legendary “Qanon” who has been tracked by this writer since October of 2017. We quoted another source who predicted, quite accurately:

“Awareness of anonymous, high-level leaker ‘Q’ has reached a crescendo. ‘Q’ is now the target of multiple mainstream hit-pieces. Public attacks against 4chan and 8chan and the ‘Q-anon conspiracy’ expected to greatly intensify in the coming weeks,” – OSI:DI Issue #019, June 30, 2018

So Just how much did those attacks intensify? Here is just a small sampling of the media onslaught that kicked off the month of August:

[Sampling of the coordinated disinformation designed to discredit “Q”]

If you haven’t heard about “Q” already, you most certainly will, dear reader. The media is going to clamp down on this harder than they have resisted anything ever before. Why? Because “Q” is an authentic source that is not controlled by the Deep-State. Every one of our sources who have been employed by an intelligence agency is in agreement that “Q” is an authentic leaker/conduit that has a background in Military Intelligence and is close to the President’s inner circle. “Q” has been releasing information since October of 2017, and has verified his/their authenticity in numerous ways. For those who prefer not to have the media act as a middle-man to valuable information, all of “Qanon’s” posts can be read here:

The sheer quantity of data is overwhelming, if one has not been following the leaks/disclosures in realtime. Indeed the soft disclosure outlined in OSI:DI Issue #005 is unfolding before our eyes:

“There seems to be general agreement amongst OSI:DI’s first and second-hand sources that an immediate full declassification of all known information would devastate the nation…Chaos would reign, if the public even believed the claims to begin with. So what is the solution? How do you free 320 million people from 60-plus years of constant disinformation and programming perpetrated by the fiendishly innovative CIA? Baby steps. You give them bread crumbs. Maybe you start by leaking information about a high-profile Hollywood executive taking advantage of aspiring actresses (Weinstein.) A few weeks later, maybe you “out” an extremely popular actor as a child predator (Spacey.) Next you start disclosing information on congress and the media (Thrush, Lauer, Conyers, Franken.) In no time at all, Americans have begun to accept that large numbers of powerful people are sexual predators…

It seems the writing is on the wall and it is only a matter of time before even more powerful players are outed by the Alliance. Many of the executives at Comcast, NBC, CBS, Disney, Nickelodeon, and CNN are likely next on the chopping block. The Deep-State is nearly checkmated and their desperation is becoming more apparent by the day. The FBI probe into Trump’s connections to Russia during the election is falling apart and the Mockingbird Media has resorted to blatantly fabricating “bombshell” news stories in an all-out effort to impeach the President…

If our narrative is correct, we can expect to see clear signs as Operation Mockingbird is dismantled. Many more executives/journalists in the media corporations will resign, be fired, or be placed under arrest. Previously classified information or information that was once considered “conspiracy” will begin to be published/broadcast in the mainstream as the Alliance purges the media corporations. Lastly, we can expect the Deep-State, like a cornered animal, to lash out in increasingly desperate and ineffective ways. Stay tuned America, this is only the beginning…”

Bear in mind, we published that excerpt on December 6, 2017. Would you say our version of events is more or less accurate than CNN’s narrative? A few of the latest casualties:

As “Qanon” likes to say, “How many coincidences until it is mathematically impossible?” Massive changes are underway folks, and it is an exciting time to be an American. We leave you with some of the latest chatter:

  • "Where the hell is Julian Assange? It is the question many have asked and few know the answer to. Is“ he still alive? Was the massive crude oil purchase from Ecuador last month a back-channel payment from the Alliance to retain custody of Assange? Will he be extradited to the US to testify?”

  • “Purge of cabal operatives in Europe gaining momentum… [CIA Director] Gina Haspel’s previous experience in London as station chief is noteworthy given MI6 role in fabricated Trump-dossier/Election Hacking Narrative… Boris Johnson being pushed as May’s replacement… Giuseppe Conte and Matteo Salvini have swiftly secured Italy’s borders and government, to the dismay of the Vatican and EU…”

  • “Putin and Trump green-teamed regime change in Iran and the peaceable resolution of the Syrian Proxy war. Rumor is 12TB of data made it’s way into Trump’s hands in Helsinki”

  • “Attempted assassination of President Trump foiled on June 10. Unauthorized missile launch was intercepted by a classified weapons package delivered by F-16. Missile was intended to strike Air Force One on its way to Singapore for the KJU summit.”

[Unauthorized missile launch over Skunk Bay, Washington on June 10]

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