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Expect Fireworks (Issue #019)

This is it America. The home stretch. Signs of panic from major players in the deep-state have been apparent since Election Day, but the desperation is palpable now. In our previous Issue [Issue #018 – OSI:DI] we pointed out that a major psychological-operation campaign was being pushed by the CIA/media/BigTech axis, blaming President Trump for the separation of children and their families. The plan was to generate such outrage that the establishment politicians and Democrats would ride the protest vote (the “Blue Wave”) to regain control of the Senate and the House of Representatives in the midterm elections in November.

The “children-in-cages” psychological-operation had some effect, but the plan’s sloppiness was evident from the beginning. This is the original picture circulated by the deep-state media suspects showing the results of the President’s heartless policies that ripped children from their mother’s arms and threw them in cages:

The beauty of the Internet and the #GreatAwakening [See Issues #009 and #015 for more on the Great Awakening – OSI:DI] is that a little research and minimal pushback can derail even the most carefully planned psychological operation. Case in point: the photograph above was taken by an AP photographer in 2014, during President Obama’s administration (Obama officials rushed to explain photos from 2014 that went viral showing locked-up immigrant children – Business Insider, June 19, 2018.)

The establishment politicians and media-types make excellent actors, crying crocodile tears over the plight of these poor children. They pretend that everyone seeking to cross the border is a refugee family seeking a better life. They dismiss any account of cartel violence [like the 94 political assassinations carried out over the last 4 months by drug cartels to ensure A.M. Lopez-Obrador’s victory in the Mexican elections – OSI:DI.] They portray “the Wall” as a cold, heartless boundary, serving only deny happiness and freedom to poor, desperate people of color. Of course, the real reason the deep-state and their allies resist immigration enforcement and a border wall is fairly simple: if immigration controls are enforced the deep-state will be unable to traffic operatives, drugs, money, weapons, and children into the United States.

This newsletter has commented on human trafficking as far back as our first issue, knowing full well that the stage was being set for the public to be alerted to the severity of the issue. Last week, Trump himself alluded to the human trafficking problem more directly than he has at any point in the past:

“They’ve created, (and they’ve let it happen,) a massive child smuggling industry,” – President Trump, June 21, 2018

The fact that Trump said this without being assassinated immediately afterward is an indication of how much the deep-state has lost control of the situation. Child trafficking and blackmail rings are, after all, the Achilles heel of the ‘cabal.’ We have maintained this narrative since prior to our inception in October of 2017, and the evidence keeps mounting. Still skeptical? Well how about this gem: the head of a major child abuse charity (and…you guessed it…former Clinton campaign staff member) Joel Davis was arrested for essentially being a human trafficker and pedophile rapist in the Southern District of New York (Head of Charity Against Sexual Violence Arrested for Attempting to Arrange Rape of Children – Zerohedge, June 27, 2018.)

[Joel Davis (Left) – Clinton Staffer and child abuse charity director]

The Clintons have now employed a convicted human-trafficker in Haiti, have frequently visited Jeffrey Epstein’s ‘pedophile island’, had employed many members of the NXIVM sex cult in upstate New York, and had a close relationship with the former Attorney General of New York Eric Schneiderman (rapist), former New York Congressman Anthony Weiner (pedophile), and Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein (rapist and pedophile.) This writer is no detective, but there seems to be a pattern here. Do you really think Hillary or Bill Clinton give a damn about migrant families at the border? Wake up! [See Issue #017 for more on the progress made draining the swamp in the Southern District of New York and NXIVM – OSI:DI]

Make no mistake, America. These next four months leading up to the midterm elections are the cabal’s last chance to retake control of the United States and to halt the collapse of their world-wide shadow government. Again, the desperation is palpable. The media will ramp up attacks against everything the administration does, even more than they have before (if you can believe that’s possible.) This summer, unfortunately, is looking like it will be a summer of violence (actual and staged.) In short, expect fireworks all the way up until the midterm is concluded. There has been a great deal of speculation from various sources about what is in store for the United States and the world this summer. The latest:

  • “Despite mass media polling to the contrary, the pro-Trump Republicans are slated to gain seats in both houses in the midterm elections. Pro-Trump candidates are essentially a third party, and gains need to be made over Democrats as well as “Never-Trump” Republican incumbents. Intimidation campaign being waged against Pro-Trump candidates, with the media highlighting how easily operatives can ‘touch’ Trump officials [Likely refers to Sarah Sanders, Kirstjen Nielsen, and Stephen Miller public harassment incidents – OSI:DI.] Katie Arrington is likely a casualty of this campaign… [Katie Arrington was nearly killed in a suspicious car crash days after defeating vocal “Never-Trump” Republican Mark Sanford in the South Carolina Primary – OSI:DI]

  • “An organic social media trend, the “#Walkaway” movement, has caught the gatekeepers at Google, Youtube, Facebook, and Twitter off guard. A trend was started by video of a hairdresser in New York explaining why he was “walking away” the Democratic Party. The original video was viewed by 5 million individuals on Facebook, and has spawned a viral campaign across multiple social-platforms. Every effort is being made by the “powers that be” to suppress the trend, though some estimates indicate that 90 million unique individuals have been made aware of this campaign. This, combined with various other (censored) social-media trends indicates that the Republicans are doing better than is commonly believed…”

  • “Anti-Trump media entities will attempt to derail North Korean peace by claiming Kim Jong-Un is secretly continuing to advance his nuclear weapons program. Expect this narrative to ramp-up and be supplemented with coverage of fresh human rights-abuses by the North Korean Regime. Planned meeting between Kim and Trump at Mar-a-Lago will require numerous counter-measures to ensure Jong-Un’s safety, most likely classified scheduling, unannounced flight paths, etc.”

  • “The MIC [Military Industrial Complex – OSI:DI] and the ‘Remove Trump’ politicians fighting tooth and nail to prevent a Trump-Putin summit and have thus-far failed. Speculation rampant as to purpose, I’ve heard everything from ‘Hillary’s e-mails’ to ‘overthrow of Iranian Regime’ to ‘solidify Russia/US anti-China axis.”

  • “Riots, false flag attacks, and civil disturbances of many kinds in the United States being planned for this summer. Most are funded by foreign NGO’s, intel agencies, corporations, and international institutions. NOTICE TO ALL AMERICANS: raw data indicate the vast majority of your countrymen are not supportive or participating in the protests/riots. DO NOT BELIEVE THE MEDIA EXAGGERATIONS. In other words; ‘Keep calm, and carry on!’”

  • “Awareness of anonymous, high-level leaker ‘Q’ has reached a crescendo. ‘Q’ is now the target of multiple main-stream hit-pieces. Public attacks against 4chan and 8chan and the ‘Q-anon conspiracy’ expected to greatly intensify in the coming weeks.” [Full disclosure: this Newsletter has utilized Q as a primary source beginning in early November, 2017 – OSI:DI]

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