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Proverbs 34:14 (Issue #018)

Think back to the months leading up to the 2016 Presidential election. The common wisdom amongst the media elite was that Donald Trump would lose in a landslide to Hillary Clinton. If the impossible happened and Trump did win, he would certainly crash the economy, set up concentration camps for minorities, and kick off a nuclear war with North Korea in short order (all for the benefit of Russia, of course.) Fast forward to today, and we are closer to peace with North Korea than we have been since the Korean War. Minority unemployment is at record lows, for the first time in history there are more job-openings than job-seekers, and the economy is projected to grow at a robust 4 percent (Trump’s Forecast of 4% GDP Growth Close to Coming True as Americans Spend Tax-bill Proceeds – CNBC, June 14, 2018.) But it has been an uphill battle:

Trump is enjoying a better approval rating than Obama at the same point in their presidencies, but you would never know it, since the overwhelming majority of media coverage of Trump is negative (Harvard Study: Media Has Been Largely Negative on Trump – Chicago Tribune, May 19, 2017.) It’s almost like the Media is controlled by a group of elites who are trying desperately to remove Trump from office… [See Issues #002 and #005 for more on Operation Mockingbird – OSI:DI.] Despite the constant cry of “Conspiracy” from the guilty parties in the media-complex itself, attentive Americans have known since July of 2016 which reporters have bowed to the deep-state and are complicit in the rampant criminality of the FBI leadership, the Clinton Syndicate, and the Military-Industrial Complex. Here is a partial list of media personalities who have actively coordinated their reporting with the Clinton campaign:

“Well wait a minute,” you say, “supporting a candidate is one thing, but actively coordinating? Where is your proof?” Don’t take it from us; you can read the e-mails sent between the Clinton Campaign and the above-mentioned ‘journalists’ yourself. Start browsing Clinton campaign manager John Podesta’s emails or Hillary Clinton’s emails, or the e-mails taken from the DNC server in July 2016 by patriot Seth Rich (but blamed on Russia, of course.) These files are the real deal. They contain a staggering amount of evidence of corruption and criminality. The Mockingbird Media went into damage-control mode and lied to the American people upon their release, saying it was illegal for Americans to view the content of these leaked e-mails (‘Remember, it’s Illegal to Possess’ WikiLeaks Clinton E-mails, ‘but it’s Different for the Media’ says CNN’s Cuomo – The Washington Post, October 17, 2016.)

[CNN’s Chris Cuomo doing damage control in the wake of the 2016 Wikileaks releases]

These files are more relevant today than ever, especially as more evidence of corruption at the FBI and DOJ emerges. As the Alliance retakes control over the courts, the FBI, the State Department, the CIA, and furiously dismantles Operation Mockingbird, criminals and rats within the Deep-State will attempt to distance themselves from each other as they go down, one by one. Corruption is just the tip of the iceberg, and much more serious crimes committed by these elites will emerge in due time.

Those inside Military Intelligence loyal to President Trump have determined that immediate full-declassification would be disastrous for the social fabric, if the material released was believed at all. Thus, the Alliance has pursued a ‘soft disclosure,’ pacing and timing releases for maximum impact, pushing the public forward to the point of critical mass. This process has been dubbed by some as “The Great Awakening” [See Issue #009 for more on the Great Awakening – OSI:DI.] The strategy is working, and the best is yet to come. Public disclosures combined with a newly-cleaned and functioning justice system spells the demise of the American Deep-State. In closing, OSI:DI offers some chatter picked up through the grapevine:

  • “KJU [Kim Jong-Un – OSI:DI] needed convincing that Trump would remain in office and triumph over his adversaries before deal could be made. The two first met in China’s Forbidden City in November, during Trump’s first trip to Asia. There, the framework for denuclearization/reunification was agreed to. Multiple attempts to sabotage peace deal (missile launches, assassination plots) have failed”

  • “Expect evidence that the Inspector General Report was altered to be brought to fore. Prime suspect is Rod Rosenstein. IG report was to be countered by releasing fabricated redacted version, and then pretending to submit to public outcry by releasing the fabricated unredacted version. Public will need to see original, unredacted version as written by IG Horowitz. Special Prosecutor Huber ahead of curve; has been issuing sealed indictments since November 3, 2017”

  • “Major psy-op offensive blaming Trump for separation of migrant families underway. Big-tech assisting in the dissemination of the meme through social media platforms”

  • “Major moves being made against European/Canadian cabal figureheads (Merkel, Macron, May, Trudeau etc.) Italian liberation caught cabal flatfooted, along with Tommy Robinson affair in UK…attempts to negate Brexit will fail… Merkel and May out. Bilderberg 2018 attendees admit Trump-style nationalism is ascendant and irreversible in Europe”

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