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Oh Say Can You See, by the Dawn’s Early Light? (ISSUE #007)

Happy New Year, America! Prosperity and health to you and your families, and peace and goodwill to all mankind. This writer would also like to extend a heartfelt thank-you to all of the unsung men and women working and fighting to preserve the flame of liberty in this great nation.

As 2018 arrives, one can’t help but feel sorry for those sleepwalking their way into the new year. Massive power plays are occurring behind the scenes and the fate of the planet hangs in the balance, but the Mockingbird Media does little other than enforce a blockade on the truth. All you will get by listening to the “Deep-State” media is the story they need you to believe to keep themselves in power. To arrive at the objective truth, however, one has to do some digging on the information reported. Better yet, do some digging on the events that the Mockingbird Media is not reporting.

For instance, take the Executive Order President Trump signed on December 21. How many Americans were even aware that an executive order was signed? OSI:DI believes that this order (officially called Executive Order Blocking the Property of Persons Involved in Serious Human Rights Abuse or Corruption,) is a virtual deathblow to many of the most sinister elites inside and outside of the United States. In addition to declaring a national state of emergency, the order allows the State Department, Treasury Department, and Attorney General to seize assets held within the United States from any entity or person engaged or complicit in human rights abuses. Further, it allows for the seizure of the assets belonging to any entity or person found “to have materially assisted, sponsored, or provided financial, material, or technological support for, or goods or services to or in support of” anyone else involved in human rights abuses.

The order even goes so far as to name names, and several of the 13 individuals named have very definitive connections to… (drum roll please)… the Clintons! So basically, if you helped the Clinton Foundation, say, transport Uranium across national boundaries, or smuggle children out of Haiti, or overthrow the Libyan Government and ship the Libyan Army’s weapons to ISIS fighters in Syria, you may find yourself in a bit of hot water. (The Obama Administration’s Uranium One Scandal - National Review, October 21, 2017. The Clinton-Silsby Trafficking Scandal - Zero Hedge, January 25, 2017. Hillary Clinton and the Syrian Bloodbath – Huffington Post, February 14, 2016)

OSI:DI has long expected many indictments, resignations, scandals, and even suicides as the elite criminals are systematically pulled from power by the Alliance [See OSI:DI Issue #002, #004, and #006 for more on the Alliance.] Indeed the indictments, resignations, and scandals have been coming at a steady pace for months now, but in 2018, we can expect the dam to break. What is about to occur to the oligarchs who have run America into the ground for decades is going to shock and horrify the general public. Again, one can’t help but feel sorry for those Americans who don’t see this coming.

Google CEO Eric Schmidt resigned his post just hours after Trump signed this particular executive order. Schmidt joins waves of other high profile CEO resignations over the past few months. Later the same day, “high-level” Amazon and Microsoft employees were caught purchasing the services of prostitutes who were trafficked (Tech Bros Bought Sex Trafficking Victims by Using Amazon and Microsoft Work E-mails – NewsWeek, December 21, 2017.) Wouldn’t you know it, that makes every one of those Amazon and Microsoft employees eligible to have their assets seized under the Executive Order (which was only several hours old at the time.)

This writer believes Eric Schmidt’s troubles are just beginning. There is no shortage of questions that need to be answered regarding his activities: when did Schmidt begin working for the Clinton Campaign? To what extent was Schmidt involved in altering Google’s search results to influence voter opinion? What was Schmidt’s full scope of work for the Department of Defense? (Google ‘Directly Involved’ in Clinton Campaign, Says Julian Assange – Breitbart, June 8, 2016. Eric Schmidt gets a job at the Pentagon - CNN, March 2, 2016) Perhaps the most important question: what the hell was Schmidt doing in North Korea? (Google’s Eric Schmidt Ends Mysterious North Korea Trip – CNN, January 7, 2013)

[Google’s Eric Schmidt (center left) in North Korea in January of 2013]

Amazon CEO (and owner of the Washington Post) Jeff Bezos has found himself in an unwanted spotlight as well. Amazon has benefitted tremendously from government largesse in the form of questionable tax avoidance schemes, as well as a 600 million dollar contract to build a cloud computing system for the CIA (The Details About the CIA’s Deal with Amazon – The Atlantic, July 17, 2014.) During the 2016 campaign, Trump repeatedly pointed out that Amazon “had a big anti-trust problem.” This week, Trump again put Amazon in his crosshairs:

Many weeks ago, in issue #003, OSI:DI described the purge of the Saudi elites as a “Storm” and predicted that the operations there were part of a larger effort to dislodge the corrupt elite worldwide. As expected, the Storm has picked up steam and is now raging across the United States and indeed the world. Hollywood, Washington D.C., Wall Street, Media Corporations/Intelligence Agencies, and now the tech giants of Silicon Valley: the swamp is vast and requires a deep cleaning. Unfortunately, what the average American sees at ground-level via the media is only a small fraction of the truly historic events engulfing the world.

A large amount of context is required to properly analyze the situation the country finds itself in, so here we will summarize OSI:DI’s current thesis:

  • The United States government has been run by a criminal elite who have robbed the taxpayers blind while committing war crimes, staging coups, smuggling weaponry, money, and children, and being party to human rights abuses across the globe. OSI:DI has generally referred to this group as the Deep-State, the Military Industrial Complex (MIC), or the Global International Elite (GIE)

  • The public has been kept in the dark largely because the flow of information is restricted via the intelligence agencies control of the corporate media. Additionally, the leadership of tech giants like Amazon, Google, Facebook, and Microsoft are fully complicit in the Deep-state racket and assist in restricting information flows

  • A patriotic contingent of individuals inside the various agencies of government who have witnessed the crimes of the GIE are in the process of retaking control of the government, the media, and various other institutions that are deeply corrupted.

  • Donald J. Trump was approached by an intelligence insider (most likely General Michael Flynn) and asked to run for president in a bid to retake the executive branch

  • With the assistance of Admiral Michael Rogers’ NSA, Donald Trump was able to win the election. Initially, the Clinton Syndicate was planning on stealing the election via their control of electronic voting machines in swing states (as they had successfully done in the primaries against Senator Bernie Sanders.) “White-hats” within the NSA prevented the Clinton Syndicate from rigging the election

  • Post-election, President-Elect Trump and team attempted to rapidly install loyalists in as many government positions as possible, while the GIE activated their “insurance policy” – using CIA front company Fusion GPS to fabricate an incriminating dossier that triggered an investigation in an effort to impeach President Trump before he could indict the elite criminals

  • The GIE have lost their control over the information flow primarily because of the exponential increase in available data made possible by the internet, combined with the leaking of classified information by organizations such as Wikileaks

  • The GIE suffered a massive setback when their money laundering channels were severely restricted by the Saudi purge in early November

  • The GIE is currently teetering on total collapse: the Hollywood power players are embroiled in pedophilia scandals, politicians, judges, and CEOs are announcing resignations in droves (most likely the result of striking plea deals with the Justice Department,) and the Russia investigation has completely boomeranged on the criminal elite

  • It is highly probable that many of these power-players have already been indicted. The Mockingbird Media has no interest in publicizing these developments, and the Alliance likewise keeps their ongoing operation against the GIE quiet

Just this week we have media executives dropping like flies (ESPN, Disney, CNBC,) Hillary Clinton aide Huma Abedin’s first cousin was convicted in a fraud case in New York state, and the State Department has released a limited amount of the contents of disgraced former congressman Anthony Weiner’s laptop (State Department Posts Huma Abedin E-mails Found on Anthony Weiner’s Laptop – CNN, December 30, 2017.) The contents virtually prove that Huma Abedin is responsible for mishandling classified information. The real question is what remains on the laptop that was deemed too sensitive for the public to see? OSI:DI would bet that Anthony Weiner has quite a bit of incriminating information on that laptop regarding Bill Clinton, Governor Andrew Cuomo, and Senator Chuck Schumer that was saved for a rainy day…

OSI:DI would like to suggest that our readers dig in for a truly revelatory new year. Through the intelligence grapevine there are countless rumors of sealed federal indictments, high-level pedophilia busts, plea deals, and assassinations. In fact, it has been suggested that Clinton mega-lobbyist Tony Podesta and his brother John Podesta are already in custody awaiting a military tribunal at the detention camp in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. This writer did not think much of the claim until recently when President Trump said to the New York Times:

“Whatever happened to Podesta? They closed their firm, they left in disgrace, the whole thing, and now you never hear anything!”

A review of the flight-radar does indeed show an unusually high amount of air traffic in and out of Guantanamo Bay. Combined with Defense Secretary Mattis’ visit to Guantanamo on December 21 and the Podesta’s complete absence from the public eye, this particular theory might have wings… Rest assured if we do end up having military tribunals for the criminal elite, the media will most certainly attempt to frame the trials as “Trump is a fascist jailing his opponents.” Just remember, it was the Clintons, McCains, and Bushes of the world who attempted to sabotage a legitimately elected president by rigging an election and fabricating evidence to justify a special investigation. If you thought 2017 was shocking, you have not seen anything yet. Happy New Year, America!

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