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To Kill a Mockingbird (ISSUE #005)

Imagine this. You are part of a small select group of powerful military leaders, intelligence officers, politicians, and businessmen who effectively change the course of your entire nation on a daily basis. Your country has just won the biggest conflict in human history. You are the world’s only super-power and you intend to remain the world’s only super-power. In order to do this, you have to make sure the other country that just won the world’s biggest conflict with you as an ally doesn’t become too powerful, and while you’re at it you might as well take every other country down a peg just in case they get any ideas. You and your powerful friends begin undertaking covert actions the world-over, in all spheres.

You conduct surveillance operations, you sabotage, you sell weapons to rebels, you assassinate your most threatening adversaries, you blackmail foreign politicians, and you invade many countries. You and your powerful friends soon realize that the biggest threat might not be a foreign army. No, the biggest threat to your nearly all-powerful circle of friends is your very own countrymen. They aren’t dumb and they might realize that all of these expensive and destructive covert actions are not in their best interests. Well, you can’t allow that, so you and your friends create a new covert program to exercise total control over which information flows to your countrymen. Maybe you call this program Operation Mockingbird.

“All warfare is based on deception.” – Sun Tzu, The Art of War

Now imagine this. You are a patriotic American inside of the intelligence community who is fully aware of Operation Mockingbird’s near complete stranglehold on the public consciousness. You have seen the corruption, the bribery, the assassinations, the blackmail, the pedophilia. You are disgusted, but what can you do? You and some brave like-minded individuals (from various intelligence agencies, businesses, and branches of the military) formulate a plan to shut down Operation Mockingbird. You lay the groundwork for your plan carefully. You ensure that every member of your team is loyal, because any leak could be fatal. You utilize deception at all times in order to confuse the corrupt bureaucrats and operators trying to destroy any resistance to the “Deep-State.” You and a few others decide to launch a “Hail Mary” plot to seize control of the federal government with the intent of purging all of the corrupt individuals and dismantling CIA psychological warfare programs directed at American citizens.

In order to do this, you have to seize control of the executive branch. This won’t be easy. The Bush Dynasty and the Clinton Syndicate have thoroughly compromised every layer of government. Moles are everywhere, threats are dealt with quickly, and the media is complicit in the cover-ups and corruption. You will need a candidate who can’t be bribed, so he will have to be rich. You will need a candidate who has name recognition, so he will have to be famous. You will need a candidate who seems unlikely to win, in order to take the enemy by surprise. You will need a candidate who knows the key players, understands the stakes, and is willing to risk everything for the sake of the nation. Most of all, you will need a candidate who can get around the Mockingbird Media using… Twitter, perhaps?

This writer has given credit to this narrative since the start of Trump’s campaign in June of 2015, but only now are others beginning to believe it. Why? Well, we are witnessing the dismantling of Operation Mockingbird in real time. Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey, Al Franken, John Conyers, Charlie Rose, Glenn Thrush, John Lasseter, Mark Halperin, Matt Lauer: these names are more connected than the public realizes at this point, and as OSI:DI postulated in our first issue, MANY more will go down. OSI:DI will go so far as to say the worst accusations have not even surfaced yet, and this is by design.

Think about it: anybody with eyes and ears in Hollywood, the media, and in Washington knew that all of these individuals were perverts. The public learned this week that Congress has a fund set up for itself to pay off sexual assault victims! (Congress’ sexual harassment system, decoded – Politico, November 21, 2017) Hell, the Friar’s Club Roast of Matt Lauer in 2008 was “three hours of dick jokes,” according to The Village Voice. Indeed, current CNN President Jeff Zucker, Tom Cruise, Martha Stewart, and Matt Lauer himself all spoke at the event and all made reference to Matt Lauer’s deviant behavior in the office. Comedian Bob Saget offered Lauer some marriage advice at the event, saying “Do what I’m doing, Matt. Come to the dark side. My next wife hasn’t even been born yet.” This writer considers it important to point out that Donald Trump was in attendance at the 2008 roast, though he was not a speaker…

So the question is: “If everybody knew these individuals were perverts/harassers/molesters, then why are we just hearing about them now?” OSI:DI wagers that these stories are being leaked by the Alliance as part of an ongoing purge of corruption within government and the media. [See Issues #002 and #004 for more on the Alliance – OSI:DI] The timing and order of the leaks was likely planned in accordance with a “soft disclosure” policy followed by the Alliance.

There seems to be general agreement amongst OSI:DI’s first and second-hand sources that an immediate full declassification of all known information would devastate the nation. Just imagine the repercussions if NSA Director Rogers appeared on National Television and said “George H.W. Bush helped orchestrate 9/11, the Clinton Foundation harvested organs from Haiti, John McCain was the program director for ISIS, we already have an operational Moon-base, and by the way a large number of your current and former elected officials are engaged in what the FBI terms the ‘serial ritual abuse’ of children.”

Chaos would reign, if the public even believed the claims to begin with. So what is the solution? How do you free 320 million people from 60-plus years of constant disinformation and programming perpetrated by the fiendishly innovative CIA? Baby steps. You give them bread crumbs. Maybe you start by leaking information about a high-profile Hollywood executive taking advantage of aspiring actresses (Weinstein.) A few weeks later, maybe you “out” an extremely popular actor as a child predator (Spacey.) Next you start disclosing information on congress and the media (Thrush, Lauer, Conyers, Franken.) In no time at all, Americans have begun to accept that large numbers of powerful people are sexual predators.

It seems the writing is on the wall and it is only a matter of time before even more powerful players are outed by the Alliance. Many of the executives at Comcast, NBC, CBS, Disney, Nickelodeon, and CNN are likely next on the chopping block. The Deep-State is nearly checkmated and their desperation is becoming more apparent by the day. The FBI probe into Trump’s connections to Russia during the election is falling apart and the Mockingbird Media has resorted to blatantly fabricating “bombshell” news stories in an all-out effort to impeach the President. On the first day of December, ABC’s Brian Ross reported that former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn was going to testify that Trump had ordered him to reach out to the Russians before the election. The Dow Jones crashed 300 points when the story broke, and the leftists everywhere rejoiced. There was only one problem: the story was false and ABC suspended Brian Ross after he issued a clarification the following day (ABC Suspends Brian Ross Over False Trump Report – The Daily Intelligencer, December 2, 2017.)

Bloomberg and The Wall Street Journal claimed several days later that the Robert Mueller had subpoenaed Deutsche Bank for Trump’s financial records. Both Bloomberg and the Journal were forced to issue retractions after Mueller himself denied the claims (Bloomberg Corrects Bombshell Trump Bank Records Story – The Daily Caller, December 6, 2017.) While the Mockingbird Media was busy fabricating the week’s news, the FBI’s conflicts of interest and repeated involvements in cover-ups for elite criminals had gone from “conspiracy” to “mainstream” in short order. This was largely thanks to revelations about Peter Strzok.

[Peter Strzok (Left) and Robert Mueller (Right)]

Peter Strzok was Robert Mueller’s lead investigator in the Trump-Russia probe. In fact, Strzok’s signature is on the document that officially began the investigation. Incidentally, he was also the lead investigator into Hillary Clinton’s illegal use of a private server to house classified information. And - can you believe it - he also conducted the interview with Michael Flynn (Flynn was unaware that he was being formally interviewed.)

Well it turns out that in addition to papering over Hillary Clinton’s crimes and entrapping highly respected generals, Strzok had been sending many anti-Trump texts to another of Mueller’s staff: Lisa Page. Strzok also happened to be having an extramarital affair with Ms. Page. Indeed, the lead investigator of the Trump-Russia probe was so compromised that he was fired by Mueller himself. OSI:DI would imagine that many individuals inside the FBI itself will be brought to justice before this is all over.

If our narrative is correct, we can expect to see clear signs as Operation Mockingbird is dismantled. Many more executives/journalists in the media corporations will resign, be fired, or be placed under arrest. Previously classified information or information that was once considered “conspiracy” will begin to be published/broadcast in the mainstream as the Alliance purges the media corporations. Lastly, we can expect the Deep-State, like a cornered animal, to lash out in increasingly desperate and ineffective ways. Stay tuned America, this is only the beginning…

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