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Red October (Issue #024)

It has been a foregone conclusion amongst the coastal elites, the media, and the social media universe that the 2018 midterm elections will result in a sweeping victory for the Democratic Party. Hopes are high that the Democrats will at least retake the House of Representatives, allowing Nancy Pelosi to retake the Speakership and initiate a swarm of open-ended investigations into all aspects of the Trump administration as a tactic to defeat Trump’s transformational agenda. The more naïve leftists are told that voting Democrat will lead to the impeachment of Trump, but that requires 67 votes in the Senate, which is virtually impossible. In short, the left is being sold a pipe-dream; a ‘Blue Wave’ that will sweep the evil Trump from office and return us to the good old days of rising taxes, military adventurism, and Marxist social policies.

Unfortunately for those expecting a blue wave, the stranglehold that the left has on information flows (Big Tech censorship, control of media, and the ability to speak politically in the workplace without fear of repercussions) has worked against them. We saw the same process play out in the run-up to the 2016 Presidential election, where every left-leaning pundit was nearly 100% certain Trump was going to lose. Their certainty was contagious, and many of Trump’s supporters assumed his cause was hopeless as well. Polls had Hillary Clinton winning by significant amounts all the way up until Election Day. So what do the polls say now?

A Rasmussen generic Republican vs. Democrat ballot has the country evenly split: 45% for both parties (Generic Congressional Ballot is All Tied Up – Rasmussen, October 10, 2018.) This should worry Democratic candidates, since only one week prior to this poll they led the generic ballot 47%-42%. What should worry Democratic candidates even more is that their iron-grip on minority voting blocs is eroding quickly. In 2016, Trump achieved just 8% of African American votes. In 2018, with highly publicized support from prominent African Americans like Kanye West, Candace Owens, Darrell Scott, Coleman Hughes, and Jim Brown, Trump’s approval rating amongst African Americans has increased to anywhere from 18% to 36% depending on which poll you prefer.

Assuming this translates to African-American support for Republican candidates in general, Democrats do indeed have plenty to worry about (Trump is Gaining Black Support Because His Policies Are Improving the Lives of All Americans – FoxNews, August 20, 2018.) Democratic strategists are even beginning to worry that they may not have as tight a grip on the Latino vote as they assumed (Democrats Fear Lackluster Latino Support Could Undercut Bid For Congress – Washington Post, October 12, 2018. )

In the meantime, President Trump’s domestic and foreign opposition are ramping up their negative publicity/pressure campaigns in an attempt to suppress support for the Republican Party. One recent ploy has been the funding of a Central American migrant caravan, 4,000 strong, timed so that they would reach the American border very shortly before Election Day. One can easily imagine CNN and MSNBC salivating at the prospect of posting more pictures of women and children crying as they reach their hands through the slats of a section of border fence (Migrant Caravan Halted After Storming Mexico-Guatemala Border – Yahoo News,October 20, 2018.) But who organizes these caravans?

[Mexican police barricade the border crossing with Guatemala to halt migrant-caravan]

While the right-wing punditry likes to scapegoat George Soros as the solitary mad-villain behind all unscrupulous social upheavals, the truth, as usual, is much more nuanced. Many aligning interests exacerbate migrant flows, and the support these interests give can take the form of money, logistics, or informational (propaganda) support (George Soros and the ‘Caravan’ – Wall Street Journal, October 20, 2018.) Left-wing politicians like the idea of mass migration, as it means more votes in the future. The corrupt factions within the CIA, as we have discussed in previous issues, likes open borders because it allows operatives to smuggle weapons, drugs, money, and people into the United States. Drug Cartels and foreign intelligence agencies like open borders for the same reasons.

And ask yourself this: if you were the Russian or Chinese government, and you wanted to destabilize America, can you think of a more effective way than introducing hundreds of thousands of impoverished, undocumented, unvaccinated individuals every year? As for who is funding this specific migrant caravan, the answer is surely hidden within layers and layers of shell corporations, non-governmental organizations, political action committees, and off-shore banks. OSI:DI’s best guess as to the culprit? Someone who does not have America’s best interests in mind!

Meanwhile, behind the scenes in Washington, former FBI Lawyer James Baker has triggered panic amongst the ‘Deep-State’ (Top FBI Lawyer Baker Offers ‘Explosive’ Testimony on ‘Abnormal’ Handling of Russia Probe Into Trump’s Campaign: Lawmakers – FoxNews October 4, 2018) Combined with Deputy A.G. Rod Rosenstein’s upcoming testimony, things are really looking bad if you are one of the treacherous cowards who participated in the attempted ‘Russian collusion coup’ against President Trump. Indeed, time is growing short for the “Swamp,” and as predicted, the guilty are lashing out in increasingly desperate ways.

Take for instance the slaying of Jamal Kashoggi, a Washington Post journalist, at the Saudi Consulate in Turkey [OSI:DI invites you, dear reader, to review our third issue, published in November of 2017, for a refresher on the context of the current situation with Saudi Arabia.] Suffice it to say, the Cabal is not happy about losing its stranglehold on the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Just to add some context, OSI:DI would like to point out that when we hear about ‘journalists’ being killed abroad, the victim is often an intelligence operative using ‘journalist’ as a cover, or is an actual journalist who is being utilized as an asset by one intelligence agency or another.

This provides an extra benefit to the intelligence agencies themselves. For instance, if country “A” sends its spies into country “B” under the cover of being ‘journalists,’ and country “B” catches and kills those spies, then the media in country “A” can take advantage by provoking mass outrage against the government of country “B.” The Saudis have already admitted to killing Jamal Kashoggi, but the question remains, why? Unfortunately, dear reader, we don’t currently have an answer for you. There are many layers of intrigue here, and key details remain to be shaken out. However, it is clear that the resulting backlash in the Deep-State media against the Saudi regime is designed to assist in an effort to retake control of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

However it’s a pretty good bet that if former CIA Director John Brennan is outraged, then Trump and the Alliance must have the upper hand (John Brennan Claims the White House and Saudis are Working Together to ‘Concoct a Story’ About What Happened to Kashoggi – Daily Caller, October 17, 2018.) OSI:DI would like to remind our readers that John Brennan was the CIA Station Chief in Riyadh, and has been called ‘A Saudi Arabian whore’ by his former agents. For those who claim that Trump is struggling, unenlightened, and flailing geopolitically, we would like to remind you that he knows, and has known most of the key players internationally for decades. Case in point, Trump’s yacht, the Trump Princess, was purchased from Adnan Kashoggi, Jamal Kashoggi’s uncle (Trump Princess: Inside Donald Trump’s Lavish 86M Superyacht – Boat International, July 28, 2017.) When Trump no longer wanted the yacht? He sold it to Al-Waleed bin-Talal who was favored to be the next King of Saudi Arabia. That is until the surprise coup shortly after Trump’s visit to the Kingdom…

[Page 186 of Trump’s Art of the Deal, in which he mentions meeting Adnan Kashoggi, Jamal’s uncle]

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