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The Second American Revolution (Issue #012)

One of the foundational purposes of this newsletter is provide insight into an ongoing battle which is being waged covertly and which the public at large is only recently beginning to understand. OSI:DI has referred to this battle as the Shadow War, and we have generally characterized this as a conflict between various military, governmental, corporate, media, and civilian factions [See Issue #006OSI:DI.] Although this conflict is playing out world-wide, the most pivotal battleground is in the minds of the American people.

“We will know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.” - CIA Director William Casey, February 1981

The tension and polarization that has occurred throughout the American political landscape over the last decade reflects a split in the American psyche. In the most simplified form, this split might be characterized as pro-status-quo versus anti-status-quo. This split, which has been in the making for decades, has reached its personification in Donald Trump. To the pro-status-quo group, Trump represents everything that is wrong with the world. It’s as if they think “if only people didn’t have notions and ideas like Trump’s ideas, the country would be a utopia.” This point of view is actively reinforced by the establishment politicians, corporate globalists, academics, and the Mockingbird Media [See Issues #002 and #005 for more on Operation Mockingbird – OSI:DI.]

On the other hand, the anti-status-quo group recognizes that Trump is an outsider, shunned by the Wall Street elite, the establishment politicians, the corrupt intelligence operatives, the foreign tyrants, and the war-profiteers. The anti-status-quo group recognized that Trump reached the Oval Office unencumbered by bribes, blackmail, and past political office. They also understand just how important, unique, and improbable that accomplishment was. As a result, Trump’s supporters will support him with conviction (no matter how many times CNN interviews Stormy Daniels.)

This writer gets the impression that as Americans, we have become accustomed to assuming that our politicians are lying to us constantly. It is an unavoidable reality of our system of government that politicians will say anything they need to say in order to get elected. Then everyone trudges forward after each Election Day, lamenting that our elected representatives failed to follow through on their promises. Or worse, the elected officials completely betray the public and take actions that enrich themselves, their donors, the lobbying groups,the banksters, and the war-profiteers. Candidate Trump, however, was not a politician. The American public watched the 2016 presidential campaign in awe as this foul-mouthed billionaire began saying exactly what he believed. The media, the leftists, and the establishment Republicans were aghast. This is not how the election was supposed to go!

This reckless maniac from Queens was ripping down the curtains in the political theater and exposing the establishment for what they were: self-enriching, war-mongering, parasitic traitors who had been corrupting the system to their own advantage for decades. For anyone who is still confused about what the President is actually trying to do, OSI:DI recommends you watch this clip of Trump speaking at a campaign event in October of 2016:

While we understand why the public assumes political candidates lie about everything, we would suggest that you take Trump’s words in that video clip at face value. This man is dead-set on the defeating the corrupt establishment, ending American military adventurism, and restoring of American sovereignty.

And he is succeeding.

We the people are succeeding.

Those in the intelligence community, military, and government that encouraged, supported, and continue to support Trump and his agenda are often referred to as the “Alliance” [See Issues #002, #004, and #007 for more on the Alliance – OSI:DI.] This Alliance has existed as a sort of underground movement within America’s Military Industrial Complex (MIC) for well over a decade. Public dissatisfaction with the government mirrored the disgust that patriots within the MIC felt, and the dissatisfaction was growing every year. Knowing that Barack Obama was not likely to lose the 2012 election and that 2016 would likely be the last chance before the MIC/Deep State took total control of the government, the Alliance selected their candidate. General Michael Flynn and Admiral Michael Rogers put their full weight behind Donald Trump’s candidacy, launched in June of 2015.

Fast forward 21 months, and the Deep State’s worst case scenario had come to pass: President-Elect Donald J. Trump. Perhaps it is more accurate to think of November 8, 2016 not as an election, but rather as the first major victory in the Second American Revolution.

(The American Spectator’s Jeffrey Lord predicting the Trump revolution in January of 2014)

You might think we are exaggerating by referring to this period in American history as a revolution. OSI:DI assures you, dear reader, we use the word revolution quite literally. In the late 1700’s a group of intellectuals in some far-flung colonies of the British Empire dared to put the rule of law above the rulers themselves. They dared to only worship God, not government. They dared to risk their lives and property by provoking the mightiest empire the world had ever seen in the name of liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

The noble cause succeeded, although it took eight years and cost many lives. The founders then gathered in Philadelphia to flesh out the structure of the system that was to govern the newly independent nation. After many months of meeting behind closed doors in the sweltering Philadelphia summer, Benjamin Franklin emerged from Independence Hall. A Philadelphia resident by the name of Mrs. Powell asked Franklin, “Well, Doctor, what have we got, a republic or a monarchy?” His response echoes through history:

“A republic, if you can keep it!” – Benjamin Franklin, Philadelphia in 1787

(Independence Hall – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)

The wise Doctor’s response was a call to action and a warning. Franklin knew that without the active engagement of the American citizens, the blessings of a republican form of government would descend into oligarchy and despotism. And my, how we have fallen! America’s government has clearly decayed into a shadow of its founding principles. Bribery, blackmail, extortion, assassination, and treason have become the tools of choice for the powers that be.

When did this happen? Some say the fall started with the Federal Reserve Act of December 23, 1913. Others say it began with the ascendance of the Military Industrial Complex at the end of World War II on August 15, 1945. The assassination of the Patriot John F. Kennedy on November 22, 1963 is often used to mark the takeover of the US government by corrupt elements. September 11, 2001 is yet another date that many feel is a signpost on the path toward collapse.

But the American revolutionary spirit lives on! Like our founders who refused to accept British tyranny, there are patriots within our government who refused to accept the tyranny of corrupt oligarchs with last names like ‘Bush’ and ‘Clinton.’ We now have a chief executive who, with the help of patriotic elements in the intelligence community and military, is systematically dismantling the corrupt machine at the heart of our broken system. The swamp is draining, but the process is not always visible to the public at large. To help our readers understand the enormity of the task before the Alliance, we have paraphrased a lengthy analysis and some predictions offered to us by an anonymous source inside the intelligence community. Please note that while OSI:DI cannot confirm all the information here, much of it corroborates information collected from other sources:

  • If the cabal [Deep-state, or MIC/CIA if you willOSI:DI] had installed their candidate (Clinton,) there would have been no way for the nation to escape cabal control. Sixteen-year plan was to bring America to its knees and absorb the nation into a one-world government

  • With help from the NSA, the rigging of electronic voting machines was mitigated, giving Trump enough for an electoral victory. The real popular vote count is closer to 70 million for Trump, 59 million for HRC [Hillary Rodham ClintonOSI:DI]

  • Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia was assassinated prior to the election by means of suffocation with a pillow while he was pinned down on a couch at Cibolo Creek Ranch in Shafter, Texas. Bill and Hillary Clinton offered former Attorney General Loretta Lynch his seat on the Supreme Court if she assisted in the cover-up. Scalia’s widow, Maureen McCarthy Scalia is aware of this. She is vocal Trump supporter

  • With assistance from the Marine Corps, private contractors, loyalists in the NSA, and special operators, cabal assets are being removed from positions of power throughout the world. Think corporate and political resignations, etc.

  • The House of Saud needed to be purged first, as Saudi Arabia is at the nexus of the oil cartel, money laundering, terrorist funding, child trafficking, and the bribery/blackmail of American politicians [See Issue #003 for more on the Saudi PurgeOSI:DI]

  • ISIS needed to be neutralized as well. The United States armed and trained ISIS (Operation Timber Sycamore.) President Trump ended funding to ISIS in June of 2017 (Is Washington Ceding Syria to Russian Influence? – The Jerusalem Post, July 27, 2017.) The cabal used ISIS as a proxy army to achieve various objectives in Syria as well as to justify military interventions to the public.

  • Trump, Attorney General Sessions, & CO. are targeting MS-13 gang members in immigration sweeps because MS-13 is often contracted by the cabal to intimidate, threaten, and kill uncooperative or “unblackmailable” politicians and executives. Removing MS-13 equals freedom for many good people in government

  • The CIA’s satellite network (Corona) has been brought offline by the Alliance

  • Steel tariffs are emplaced to defend against intentionally defective steel sold to us by our adversaries and to ensure supply in time of war, economic benefits are secondary

  • Trump signed an executive order in December allowing prosecution of individuals aiding foreigners who commit human rights abuses (read: human trafficking.) Trump signed an executive order in January authorizing the funding and expansion of the detention facility at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. Trump signed an executive order in February amending the UCMJ [Uniform Code of Military JusticeOSI:DI] to allow civilian prosecutors to participate and expanding eligibility for court martial. 1 + 1 + 1 = courts martial for the cabal

  • Trump has already met with Kim Jong Un in mid-November. The recent announcements and meetings are for public consumption. Cabal no longer has control of North Korea

  • CIA asset Edward Snowden is currently in Hong Kong negotiating with the Alliance

  • Incriminating video evidence of HRC exists and will be released

  • Public disclosure comes after removing cabal control of tech companies (think Youtube/Google/Facebook censorship)

  • Deal with Iran leading to de-escalation or leadership change to come after resolution of NK situation. Reunification of the Korean peninsula likely.

  • Timeline for defeat of cabal currently 11/11/18 (Think: parade)

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